Starbucks AT&T Internet Stalls, Fails

For the last week or so I have been unable to log into my AT&T WiFi account at any of the three Starbucks here in Columbia. I have three ways to log into the new WiFi network; AT&T Uverse, Starbucks Rewards and my iPhone.

If any of these methods would work, that would be one thing, but for all mediums to be down, and for this length of time, that is crazy.

AT&T needs to get their act together.



One thought on “Starbucks AT&T Internet Stalls, Fails

  1. I have T-Mobile for a reason, even if it means no iPhone. AT&T fucked me over repeatedly. I was very happy the day I took Rott off  their service and got him T-Mobile. BTW, I heard “Home” today and thought of you! I should so apply to be your fag hag. 😉

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