A little update to the Starbucks fiasco going on out here.

After working with Partner Resources out of California, Seattle and finally Missouri, things are happening. My voice, as well as the voices of my co-workers are being heard and hopefully, this time, will be properly acted upon, instead of just swept under the rug.

I do not want to be forced to leave the company I have worked for this long and with this much love. We will just have to see in the coming weeks how things go. Hopefully the atrocities committed by our management will be settled so we can all move on, happier and more successful.

When employees are happy, efficiency goes up, profits go up.

Gotta shower after my workout, later I will write about my wonderful night hanging out with Ian and the fantastic night just a mere few days ago staring such greats at Kevin, David, Jim, Ian and Landon.

Ciao for now.

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