Still in the Airplane

I am not sure how the time zone thing works… If Arizona is one hour behind Central Time, I have only thirty minutes left in this airplane… if it is on Pacific Time, and not Mountain Time (or some crazy Daylights savings time exemption) I will have an hour and thirty minutes left. I really hope it is not an hour and thirty minutes haha.

I have been sleeping almost the entire time. I only got three hours of sleep last night. I told myself yesterday afternoon that I would get a really great night’s sleep and be refreshed for the trip. I figured the drag show went from 7:00-9:00 and I could be in bed by 10:00, sleep for nine hours… but yeah, totally did not work out for me.

Yay! We are 45 miles from Phoenix. It is warmer here and drier, yes! Score! I guess 45 minutes takes like a few minutes on a plane… 500 mph should get us 45 miles in about 5.4 minutes! Wow, wish my car went that fast. We all know that if it did… Justin would go that fast. I guess that is why I don’t have a super fast car, it would just mean lots of tickets. We don’t want those.

It is a really shakey ride right now, I am goign to sign off for a bit as Rufus comes on my iPod shuffle. Clearly, the shuffle has been one of the greatests purchases in the past year. Everyone should have one.

Time to torbulance (how do you even spell that?).

Much love my friends and random readers.

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