Strawberry-Lemon Italian Soda

As with VH1, let us put “Music First”.

Jason Mraz – Mr. A-Z – Life Is Wonderful

At first listen, I threw this song out. I thought to myself, what a terrible way to start your new, breakthrough album. Then I played the song through its entirety. What better start?

This cd is a far cry from the pop-ey Waiting for My Rocket to Come and tremendously more mature than Live at Java Joes, with an eclectic arrangement of vocals, instruments and genre bending that makes a Tonight Not Again similiar release incredibly exciting.

I find my head hitting to the beats, which are velvety smooth, enticing, entrancing and exciting. Could there be a dance song from this album? Geek in the Pink could easily be imagined playing in some alt-funk/pop/rock- club.

Some of the songs seem somewhat shallow, Did you Get My Message for instance. As you begin to lose hope a combination of Nellie McKay and Queen shatters through. Interesting combo no? I find a lot of Nellie McKay, Regina Spektra styling in this cd. I hear a bit of Ben Folds in Mr. Curiousity.

Sounds great, only half way through the album, a favorite already of my iPod Shuffle.

On to another topic.

I had a wonderful, open discussion about love, pain and time past with a great friend. He and I go way back, so close and yet even farther away than close together. Moments like today’s with him make me remember a certain someone who changed my life. Had it not been for this person, I would not be here. I would not be much of anything, not comfortable with me, my life, my future, not accepting of myself, being gay, being normal, being unextraordinary.

Thanks Joseph.

My time here is becoming blurry, the line between realism and fantasy is no longer vivid. What am I doing here, conversly what am I not doing here? I need to realize if this is where I belong, i think it is, but I am not sure… AHHH!

I love it here, the people, the people and the people are incredible.

Meh, decisions.

Love to you all


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