Stressed Out, or Why Socrates is My Man

I’m uber stressed out right now.  Short list.

Work – working a lot and working long, late hours
School – lots of homework to do and projects, tests coming up
Love – I miss Seth, I miss Landon (even though he is here…)
Friends – I don’t have the friends I used to out here, I don’t even have time to see the ones I do have and love
Relationships – I can’t find the right guy, I don’t know if he exists out here for me
Apartment – I can’t seem to keep it Seinfeld-Clean.  Clean but not tidy
Money – Not enough
Time – See money
Body – Leaner please, but I don’t have time to workout anymore
Diet – I’m not eating any crap and eating very sensibly, but always hungry
Family – Small crisis on the home front.  We will get through it but it is not fun.

When I get stressed out, I get sick.  My eye today started its wonderful thing… The one where it attacks itself.  Beautiful.  So now I can’t really focus on anything with my right eye, but as usual, my left eye is fine.  I had those two seizures a few weeks ago but nothing since then, nothing beyond the headaches.  I only have health insurance for another week.  Oh shit.

My review at work went well enough.  Glad that happened better than I had originally expected.

I got a 93 on my math assignment, whoop to that.  I did an hours worth of math in 15 minutes in the parking lot of Virginia Avenue and made a 93, good job Justin.

French is difficult but not impossible.  I am doing a pretty good job in that class, it takes a while for me to process what the prof is saying but I think things are in line to workout for me in there.  I’m beginning to remember the French I knew when I was younger.  Yay to that.

Today I spent a few hours listening to opera, namely Mozart via Anna Netrebko; and reading Socrates.  I am totally in love with Socrates.  The book, by Plato, The Last Days of Socrates had me reeling with laughter.  What a gloriously genius man.  I believe that we do not celebrate what this philosopher gave our world nearly often and to the proper degree it deserves.  These hours of reading and listening to the operas was the highlight of my past few weeks.

I miss California right now, a lot.  Jenny helped me over the phone tonight, after leaving Landon’s, upset.  What a friend I have in Jenny.

Time for some sleep.  Thanks for allowing me to ramble.

2 thoughts on “Stressed Out, or Why Socrates is My Man

  1. 1. tell me your schedule. I wish to see more of you.

    2. Socrates does rock. Man with the most integrity.

    3. But if you like PLato, check out Symposium.

    4. I miss you much. As Janet Jackson would say.

  2. Wow that Jenny sounds like a pretty awesome person…oh where oh where could I find her? Google Calendar you say….ahh very nice….

    Kisses to you!!!

    P.S. We need to schedule time in for us on our calendars…i am sure we can work out some study time at the library or something!!!

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