YSo I have this photo project to work on tonight, I MUST get at least a few good shots out of it.

It’s called Private and my idea are things that are meant to be private or are otherwise kept private.  We talked about the public photo project, now I’ve gotta do private.

Ideas are as follows.

  • Suicide – bathtub cutter, laying on floor with pills, etc etc
  • Depression – someone crying, opening medicine cabinet full of RX’s
  • Abuse – black eye, crying next to spouse in bed…
  • Drug addiction – medicine cabinet idea, syringes and tourniquet, paraphernalia, generally cracked out looking
  • Pregnancy – girl looking at test, possible crying in next to spouse in bed
  • Death – general, left alone, fall down a flight of stairs suffering etc
  • Eating disorder/body dysmorphia

Etc etc, you get the point (other ideas welcome).  I have limitations to getting models and locations to do it as well as time and props but I’ll have to do my best.

One friend of mine suggested I find pictures to show the models so they know what to do, or draw pictures.  I’m a terrible artist.  Here’s what I drew for suicide in the bathtub.  Enjoy?

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9 thoughts on “Suicide

  1. Can you be your own model? If so … all you need is a single edge razor and some chocolate syrup. Do it in black and white (so the syrup can be blood)

    It worked for Hitchcock, it can work for you. 😉

    Caps last blog post…I’m game

  2. This is going to sound bitchy, but why are all your “private” options negative…. although I totally understand why these would be considered private… I also tend to think there are some positive spins on privacy… I have some ideas… IM/PM/Email me… k? plz! xoxo

    Toris last blog post…you mom’s are the bomb…

  3. @ Tori:

    The reason these are all negative is because we are supposed to push the limits. My professor told me to go where I’m not comfortable, go for the Hitchcock Psycho look. I’m a happy person, too happy he says, so he wants the opposite of who I am, as a challenge. So at least half of my project has to be really dark and “disturbing”.

    Now the other half can be happy go lucky wonderful and fun. Making happy-shiny-fun also dramatic isn’t super easy either BUT if you have idea, shoot them my way! I’m doing the more depressing stuff tonight in a photo-shoot and will have more time to do the others later this week and maybe tonight if I get my stuff done!

  4. in high school photography i got sent to the school counselor for taking a picture of my friend in his work uniform pretending to hang himself from a tree. no joke. your above comment made me think of that – such is the difference between high school and college art classes, hah!

    brittanys last blog post…explain this, clarissa.

  5. Great post, keep it up! Ha!

    Seriously though, I see what you are saying when responding to Tori, but I think she’s kind of right. My favorite things (songs, movies, photographs, art, etc.) are things that on the surface look happy and pleasant, but if you dive just a little bit deeper are seriously fucked up. I think you could go somewhere with that. Do something on the surface looks innocent, but just in the background is out of control.

    That all sounds well and good, too bad I don’t have any solid ideas to throw at you.

    Brandons last blog post…The Great Schlep

  6. @ Brandon:

    It really doesn’t matter if Tori is right or wrong, in the end I have to please my professor. If I don’t do what he says, that guarantees I will get a bad grade.

    I also will do a happy section, but today he wants the other. I might actually do the same photoshoot again but instead of the depression, it will be happiness. Finds out she’s pregnant, they are happy, they share the happiness, with the sad part, juxtaposed.

    I see you made a comment, and it’s a great one so I guess you must have gotten some great help with your comment post 🙂

  7. If I have have learned anything from Family Guy (aside that being a fat idiot can still get you a MILF) its that you release your bowels when you die… I feel like your drawing did not accurately portray a realistic death. Furthermore, if he’s in the bathtub, where’s his junk? At least throw in a toaster for good measure… 😀

    Kevins last blog post…Sint Maarten Photos

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