Sunday for most Christians; Saturday for the Jews and a few Christians; Friday for Muslims

Woke up, said goodbye to Kevin and Jim, showered, worked on Acacia stuff for hours. Off to Wal-Mart with Jim (the usual for us). Bumped into Persephone (poor thing with her ankle all spung (hehe)). He made me a “Kennet Dinner”. No Sheryl Crow in attendance 😉

Dave and Nissa joined in the festivities. It was grand.

Watch Run Lola Run with Dave and Jim, Patrick joined us for a few minutes.

Posted to my journal, as you well know.

Took pictures of fire, shit up Dave, it looks really cool.
(Luv ya for shizzle my dizzle)

Nisa danced for us…

The light shined for us…

Josh talked (a lot) for us…

And now we are talking about anal sex, rape, “regular sex” (vaginal) and violence against women.

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