Supplementing Footnotes

Currently: Frou Frou – Details – Let Go

I find that when I am listening to a great song, I am unable to make a post. All I want to do is write the words from the song. The songs playing right now are my iTunes top played… which means they are all going to fabulously awing.

Since starting this post, I have heard five wonderful songs. Let Go from Frou Frou, Somewhere Only We Know from Keane, You’re The Only One by Maria Mena followed by Keane‘s other beauty We Might As Well Be Strangers and the latest has been Waiting for a Dream by the amazing Rufus Wainwright.

The first song is featured on Garden State‘s soundtrack. That is a movie I really wanted to see but I never got to see. I am pretty pissed that it did not work out but I am sure it will come to CoMo in a slightly more mainstream way, i.e., to a full-fledged theater.

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