Surgery, Family and Great Deals

My mother came into town this weekend.  It was wonderful seeing her.  In the past year I have come to realize that there are only a few people in the world that you can always count on.  For me, it’s my family.  I never really thought that I would be so close to my family, especially considering the fact that I’m gay and they are Republicans.

The reason my mother came into town isn’t as pleasant as her company.  I had to get some tests done at the hospital, which required me to be put under anesthesia.  The test results will be in on the 22nd.  I will wait to talk about that until I get them in.  Hoping for the best, expecting the best.

My mom and I had a blast hanging out.  I wish she could make it up here more often, she and my dad.  We saw a movie, Music and Lyrics and hit up the mall for a nice pea coat… alas we couldn’t find any decent ones in this city.  However, my wit, my charm and smashing good looks did get me a 90% discount on this great jacket from American Eagle.

Yeah, 90% off.  It was missing the price tag and when the girl typed in the sku it came up as Fleece, which it certainly wasn’t.  Then she tried something else and it said “Manager Signature” and she was not going to be able to sell it to me.  I oozed all over here (legally) and she said, ok, just this once and then shushed me away.  I love it.

My mom had to leave early today instead of staying through until Sunday.  We sold the house and the weather was kind of icky out here.  I was sad to see her go.

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