Switch Hit?

I am sitting at Aroma’s, freezing my ass off, writing to you, live and in living color.

Let’s review. My day was planned for me to wake up around 7:00, my usual, and head out to yoga around 9:00. Sadly, I did not wake up till 9:05. I normally let the sunlight wake me up, but last night, after the scares with the guy wandering my house at night, and day, I closed all the blinds, thus no sun to wake me up. Oh well. I guess I will start yoga next week.

Talked to Mike, he suggested that I go ahead and apply at Redwood Credit Union for a job. He has a friend that works there. Yadda Yadda, I don’t want to bore you with the details. So I applied, planned for a smoothie but decided against it. Instead I headed to Target to get some new execise clothes. The new ones I bought were just not working for me.

I got a new pair of pants but still need a new shirt. My shorts are navy blue, white and… green (I think). I love them haha. They are so fun. I also got a really fabulous looking Oxford for $15! It looks so fun and fantasia. A clean vertical stripe look. I can’t wait to wear it somewhere. And so cheap! I did not know how great the deals were at Target, and never thought I would wear something from Target haha. Does that make me a bad person? I will just pretend I am going for a pseudo avante-garde perod for my life.

My friends are truly avantegarde, if not mainstream. With such variety, the spice of my life is aplenty. Despite what one guy insists, which is that I need to “spice up my life”. I am as spicy as an African Devil! LoL

I worked out today, what’s new there? Well, here is something new. After learning that I had lost 8lbs since I started at Gold’s, I also learned that my MasterLock combination lock was being a bastard to me. So I am standing in a towel, naked underneath, with a bunch of other guys around me, fiddling with my lock for some five or ten minutes. Note to those who are new to this, being naked for 5-10 minutes in the presence of 5-10 random men feels like a lifetime, at least when you are uncomfortable with your body.

But yeah, the lock finally worked. I think it got scared of the bolt cutters that were quickly approaching.

Then off to Aroma’s! Flirted with a few ppl, had a girl tell me that I was “hella sexy” as I read to hear the writing on the wall which was in French. Hmm, note to self, take more French courses.

Last night here there was just an ocean of high school graduates. It was a mess!

I am chilling out to Emilie Simon – Emilie Simon – Flowers right now. God-love-her.

Note to Geoff, found the French version of Ani. She’s great! All in French but the message still somehow gets across haha. I guess I love the language barrier because it allows me to make my own songs out of her lyrics. tee hee.

Ok, I think I am going to play around with taking care of the posts I have on the right to, write…

Plus, Auntie Mame. I have not had nearly enough time with her this week. I hate to finish the book all the same. It makes for such a tough situation. If I finish it now, then what? If I don’t finish it, I am just putting off destiny. Never fuck with destiny, I always say… haha

Oh, the food smells so delivious around me. I really want something to eat. Losing eight pounds is so exciting. I don’t look any different, maybe in my face…, but I attribute that to the muscle gain. What do you think? haha, yeah, don’t answer that.

I went to the where the Starbucks is going to be that I am going to be working out soon. I got so excited about it. How weird is that?

And with that I am outta here. I am so cold, turn off the fans Aroma’s!

Sorry Nick, told you I would write about my stuff on the right today, life got in the way! Miss ya.


4 thoughts on “Switch Hit?

  1. The stuff on the right? not sure what you’re addressing, but it’s all good. I miss you too, Justin.

  2. on the right side of my blog i have a section called like “upcoming posts”. i emailed you saying i was going to do writing… haha, distractions 🙂

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