Speed-editing a Portrait in Adobe Photoshop by Aaron Nace

There are tons of videos on YouTube of people doing absolutely incredible things with Photoshop. Most of the time these videos are more impressive than they are practical. It’s pretty rare that I need to create a disaster scene from found photos, as amazing as the video is.

Today I stumbled onto a post from FStoppers featuring Aaron Nace speed-editing a portait for an editorial audience. The original image was shot by Aleksandar Jaredic.

Aleksandar Jaredic Before After by Aaron Nace of Phlearn.com

Aleksandar Jaredic Before After by Aaron Nace of Phlearn.com

It reminded me of a photo shoot I did last year. I originally was commissioned to shoot 5-10 executive head shots. When I got to their headquarters the plan changed to an incredible 45 head shots and an event shoot. In my head I was totally overwhelmed but I couldn’t let the client know this. I was working solo and given 8 hours to shoot 45 people and an event. Impossible right? Continue reading

The Illustrator

I have always wanted to be an artist… I try with photography, singing, writing etc etc… I am never really happy with my stuff.

Today I had an eight hour course in Photoshop CS3. Turns out I know everything about it… haha, well at least everything in the “intro” course. It was pretty elementary. I finished my work early and just surfed Bloglines and such.

Got home and wanted to do something cool… Here’s what I did.

I think it’s cute. But then I’m a simple person.

P.S. this post is TOTALLY dedicated to my friend Carmen who got loving little fishy drawings through the long lectures in our WGS course Tuesday and Thursday.