I Want to Work for Pure

Ryan showed me a Vimeo video this morning from a company called Pure Marketing & Media. I’ll embed it below this so you can get idea of why I want to work for them.

Pure/Arable Demo Reel Fall 2009 from Pure Marketing & Media on Vimeo.

This is coming out of Columbia Missouri.  Seriously.  It looks like something from an agency out of LA or New York. The HD video is delicious.  I just cannot get over the cinematography and how it fused with the music.

This agency managed to make Shakespeare’s Pizza and Les Bourgeois Vineyards look better than anything I’d imagine coming out of Columbia, or really anywhere else.

What’s kinda crazy is I just came across them, accidentally, in the Columbia Business Times and didn’t even make the connection until just now.

My rambling here is largely due to the awe with which I am currently struck.  This is what I have wanted to do all my life.  Beautiful, creative marketing.  What refreshing marketing and from a city overflowing with horrendous television advertisements, cheesy print ads and simple-minded outreach.

Pure Marketing & Media… If you’re reading this and say need a social marketing guy, an art photographer (food, architecture, portrait, landscape, event…) perhaps a future videographer… hell, I’ll settle as the guy who gets to take out the trash…  Call me.

I have worked in marketing since I was in junior high, no joke.  I currently work for a firm based out of Texas specializing in food, wine and hospitality.  I specialize in converging and streamlining new-media with traditional marketing campaigns.

If I got to work for a company putting out the type of product Pure Marketing & Media is putting out… Maybe I wouldn’t feel the need to get the hell out of Columbia to move back to San Francisco.

Did I mention I’m a college student who is graduating in May? Fresh meat! 😛

Oh and the music and beautiful music video? I presume it was a local Columbia band, I am sure @clettenberg or @coreyschmidt could enlighten me.  I’d buy their album based on this demo reel.

Ok, enough gushing.  Catch you guys later.  Pure… your work is amazing.  Hope you have a Google Alert setup :-O

UPDATE: Days after writing this blog post, I was given a job at Pure which I maintained until November 2010 when I moved back to San Francisco. Social media and Google Alerts really do work. As it is right now, June 2011, this is the number 2 ranked post on Google regarding Pure.

Ruby Tuesday Explodes

Now this is how you do viral marketing.

Ruby Tuesday announced a while ago that they were going to blow up one of their restaurants to show how they are committed to change, to becoming different from the rest of the American Family Dining restaurants on the landscape.

So, live cameras, live crowds, live explosions at a local Ruby Tuesday restaurant.

[flv:Ruby_Tuesday.flv 500 412]

5, 4, 3, 2, 1


Only Ruby Tuesday still stands, the restaurant to the left, explodes.  It was put on YouTube and other video sharing sites as Ruby Tuesday’s demolition crew making a huge mistake.  Supposedly, they mistook the other restaurant as a Ruby Tuesdays because, well they all had turned into looking and feeling the same.  It fooled a ton of people, and still is.  In fact, Ruby Tuesday even put out a press release apologizing for blowing up the other restaurant!

This video has the internet a flood with excitement, while many people think Ruby Tuesday’s demolition crew was a bunch of idiots, they are at least thinking about Ruby Tuesdays and it appears to be working.  That’s what viral marketing is all about, getting people to talk about your product even if you have to trick them into doing so.

No one from Ruby Tuesday has admitted that it was a viral advertising campaign but, it is and I bet their marketing guy just got one heck of a fat raise.

Axe Body did a similar video viral campaign.  FAIL.  Sucked ass.  Oh well.  Can’t win them all.

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Not Getting Paid Enough

The work I do I really enjoy.  I have such a great gig.  I get to work wherever there is an internet connection and a power outlet that only has to be within four hours of my seat.  I get to travel and eat out at fancy restaurants when on those trips.  There are even times that I get to stretch my creative legs and do some pretty new things in advertising.

I guess, really the only problem is that I don’t get paid enough for the work that I do.  It is 3:45am on Tuesday morning and I am up because I haven’t gone to sleep yet.  I’ve been working on a presentation that as of this evening became due this morning before the work day begins on the east coast.

So yeah, it’s been a long night and technically it should be about three to five hours longer but I’m going to probably call it in.  I need to be making nearly an infinite amount more than I am right now, at least that’s what I think.  I just don’t know how to ask for the money.

How do you ask your employer for a raise.  From working on spec to working hourly or salary.  My employer always loves my work, but if they don’t get the contract for their clients, I don’t get paid.  It would make sense if I wrote the advertising plan but that isn’t always the case.  In this latest situation all I did was create the presentation materials from the Keynote to the design of the proposal and hand outs.

Typically anything outside of those are outsourced to a fantastic graphic designer, but for presentation’s sake and since we were on such a deadline, I did the design of all the extra materials.  Think posters, brochures, etc.

I’m doing the work of at least two people and up to the work of five.  Oh my, how do I fix this situation?  I can’t keep working on spec!  I haven’t finished my degree at Mizzou so I also can’t go to another agency, though I wouldn’t anyway.  My loyalty is with the one I work for now and it is very likely that I could take over the company within five to ten years.  So yeah, don’t wanna jump the horse.

Thoughts?  Suggestions?

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