I’m a huge fan of Alfred Hitchcock‘s filmmaking, while simultaneously being painfully incognizant of the vast majority of his work. I admit it, I’m lovingly, blissfully, ignorant.

I know just enough about Hitchcock to know that this photo was inspired by him. It’s a look into our kitchen from the catwalk outside our apartment. Now, if only I could remember what film it was…

The Incinerator

Ryan and I took some more pics last night for my new photo project, diverging from the floating and flying and opting for more Hitchcock-esque scenes.

Ryan modeled for me but drew the line at going into the incinerator.  Something about the whole being Jewish and not wanting to climb into a chamber for fire.  I understood.

Here’s a taste of what we did, I will be posting all of the new photos to PiczarPhoto today.  I promise (or at least I’ll do my best haha)

There are a few more still and I’ve got tons more to take before I’m finished with this project.  I absolutely live for comments and critiques so have at it.  Thanks friends.

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