iPad at #GeekLunch

Today I joined Colby, @ColbyWG, and Zach, @DJ_Z at Campus Bar and Grill for another #GeekLunch, fun times, recollections of our Spring Break adventures and…

Ok seriously. We were there to play with Zach’s iPad.

It’s amazing, enough said.

I’m currently debating on whether I should wait for the 3G model or go ahead and pick up my pre-ordered iPad tomorrow from the bookstore. What do you think?

The New, New iMac

You remember my old iMac right?  The nearly out of AppleCare warranty guy who had all that trouble?

In short, here’s what we did, well what these two guys did…

The MacXperts...

The MacXperts...

  1. Replace the LCD panel (there were bugs crawling in it!)
  2. Replace the Video Card (couldn’t use Photoshop CS4)
  3. Replace the RAM (still couldn’t use Photoshop CS4)
  4. Replace the Motherboard (still still couldn’t use Photoshop CS4)
  5. Replace the Hard drive (still still still couldn’t use Photoshop CS4)
  6. Uncheck a box in Photoshop preferences (fixed Photoshop CS4!!!)
  7. FireWire 800 port doesn’t work… For real?!?!?!?!?!

My poor iMac, so pretty yet so used…

My Beloved iMac

My Beloved iMac

I made a call to Apple, only to request some sort of compensation.  Turns out, I haven’t had my computer for over five months!  All I wanted was a 5 month, asked for a four month, extension to my AppleCare, seeing as for the last five months I didn’t even have a working computer.

The response from the Apple representative, after reading my blog post here about the situation, went as follows…

Oh wow, do you mind if I put you on hold for three to five minutes?…

Unfortunately we cannot extend the AppleCare for another four months, however, do you mind holding while I research another option?…

How about we send you a brand new, equivalent iMac instead?

Well, obviously I said, YES!

Apple then, overnighted me, a new iMac, top of the line sorta thing, for real, this thing totally murders the iMac it is replacing.  The next day, or so, my new iMac arrives.

My New, Beautiful iMac

My New, Beautiful iMac

I got her all set up, it was a beautiful thing actually.  Between SugarSync, MobileMe and TimeMachine, this guy was up and running in MINUTES!  I was so excited and ready for all the new power when… all of a sudden… Things got a little…. foggy?

Foggy iMac?

Foggy iMac?

I thought, maybe my Lasik is going bad, maybe I have something in my eyes… no, actually, it was the screen, literally getting fogged up!

Fogged up iMac

Fogged up iMac

For real?  My brand new, from Apple, overnighted iMac was essentially dead on arrival?

Luckily, I was still dealing with the AMAZING AppleCare customer support.  They overnighted me, AGAIN, another iMac.  So far, so good.  This iMac is beautiful, fast and just about as perfect as anything I’ve ever owned has come to be.

@clettenberg is not giving me even a HARDER time about having an iMac, ie) such n amazing computer. 😛

Let’s hope THIS iMac will last.  I sure did LOVE my old iMac and the truth is, it was only a check box in Photoshop that was causing all the trouble.  The fact that Apple replaced my computer after the other trouble, read my blog and actually followed up with me?  Absolutely incredible.  It’s why I will continue to buy Apple products, even when Dell, HP, etc are cheaper.  The end result?  Apple is an impossibly measurable value.

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$10 Prints!!!

So, in an effort to raise money for my new Nikon D700 with kit lens (or the 24-70 f2.8 if I raise enough $$$) I’ll be selling my prints at a HUGE discount.

Instead of the normal $55-75/print, I’ll be selling them for as low as $10!

This was inspired by a couple of amazing twitter friends, @hanadarko and @winterheart who both donated to the cause when just in jest I requested donations.

So, now I’m only $780 $745 away from the new camera.  I had already saved up the vast majority of the money and only had $800 to go.

I’ll be upgrading from my loyal Nikon D80 which has done well by me.  Unfortunately, it took quite a tumble a month ago and hasn’t been the same since.  The Nikon D700 will allow me to expand my photography by leaps and bounds.  I’m very excited about this new camera and can’t say enough how thankful I am for those who have donated already.

I was asking for $4 donations originally as just a joke but you guys took me seriously.  I’ll take anything!  And anything at or over $10 will get you a print!

Thanks again!

Choose a print from JustinMooreScott.com or PiczarPhoto.com.  I haven’t QUITE finished moving things over from  PiczarPhoto.com but the newest stuff is on JustinMooreScott.com.

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Picture Perfect Wedding

Saturday my brother married the most amazing person, Lisa, and now I have a sister.  The wedding was beautiful, the weather perfect and the scenery stunning.  We had a wonderful time in the Texas hill country and seeing old friends and relatives was awesome.

Here are a few pictures I took from the wedding.  I did my best not to take pictures since I was a groomsman, there were two hired professional photographers and my dad’s side of the family is full of professional photographers that were doing their best to catalogue the events.

So here are a few shot for you to enjoy.


Justin Trahan and my brother at the groomsmen’s house.


Me taking a self portrait. Not something I do all that often. Love this fish eye.


My awesome cousin Benjamin. I met him for the first time this trip! I cannot wait to visit him and his brother in Denmark, hopefully this summer!


This is my cousin Chloe.  She and her parents are totally addicted to this gourmet cake company company my mother has been using for years.  We have become friends with the owner, Annabelle, who made these awesome cupcakes for the rehearsal dinner.  Can you tell she really loves them?


Childhood best friend Jena with another great friend from the olden days, we are talking Bellville Elementary to Senior High.  Crazy!


Friend of the Bride Amanda and my belle of the ball, Melissa.  We had so much fun reconnecting over the weekend.  Oh wow, what a wonderful time.


That’s where the reception was, hanging over Lake Travis and such a beautiful night.  This was taken from the groomsmen house.


 Melissa and I taking a self portrait.

DSC_0033 (1)

My adorable cousin Eleanor.  She was the flower girl in the wedding, did a great job.


Ahhh, the fountain.  We took some great pictures here with the professional photographers.  Once I get a copy I’ll post them up here.