The True Evils of Outsourcing

I’m sure you’ve been screwed over by outsourcing… bad technical support is probably the number one.  Dell has recognized this and moved their customer service back to America.  I’m not sure, but at first you had to pay extra to have America based tech support trough Dell, wow.

But this outsourcing is far far worse.  Wow.  Check out the video below.  They do a hell of a job bringing the news to the Web2.0 masses, one article a day.

Ummm… Amazing?

[flv:Miss-Tandi-Dupree.flv 425 325]

For real… that was amazing.  Did you see that shit?  She fell from the freaking ceiling into the splits as her intro.

Ok, so all you Missouri, and especially you Columbia, locals who think the drag queens at Club SoCo are worth anything.

Oh, and this is totally dedicated to Chadd.  It’s Bonnie Tyler – Waiting for a Hero, but of course, you knew that.

Whew York!

So.  I had an absolute blast in Boston.  I do believe I will have to add it to the list of places I want to live, if not only for the warmer months.  Then off to New York.  Oh New York… I can’t decide if I’m going to move to New York or to San Francisco.  It’s a tough call.

I went to B&H Photography today and looked at some fun lenses and got a remote control for my camera, then to H&M and some new shirts.  Yay!  We had some authenic New York pizza and some Starbucks and some roasted nuts and… We have been eating way way too much.  I think Landon and I both will need a few day fast… yikes

Now we are on our way back to Washinton DC.  We are going to be entertaining a french gal named Audrey.  She is couch surfing.

Oh and hostels = awesome.  We stayed at one in Boston, I’m in love.  We ever went pub crawling with them, yay!

Ok, this bus is kinda squished to be typing too much.  Tomorrow I promise a better update wrought full of pictures.  I promise promise promise.

Much love!