Apple Releases Aperture 3

I think I’m in love.

Apple released their third generation of their professional image management software, Aperture.  Aperture 1 was the first of it’s kind, a real photo management system that handled large libraries of raw files and  allowed it’s users unprecedented access and mobility through their image library.

But really, it was little more than iPhoto with some bells and whistles.  Aperture 2 came out with dozens of improvements and new features including major speeds increases, plugins and support for dozens of new raw file formats.

Aperture 3 is built on Apple’s 64bit codebase so we should expect even greater speed increases as well as greater stability.  It now handles video files which is very exciting to me and any photographer who is looking into transitioning into multimedia.  Wedding photographers are especially subject to this shift, responsible for shooting the stills and video of a wedding with the flip of a switch on their Canon 7D or 5DMII cameras.  Nikon… yeah, where are you with this?

For the first time, Aperture has ever feature that iPhoto has, well, for as long as until iLife ’10 comes out.  Places and Faces are finally in Aperture as well as native Facebook and Flickr integration.

Non-destructive brushes and U Point style technology of editing, which made Nik Software’s Viveza a huge hit, is built right in to the application.   Don’t forget the new a smoother workflow, increased organization techniques, largely due to Faces and Places integration and import actions.

I requested my Aperture 3 license today and hope to receive it soon so I can try out the latest iteration of my favorite photo management system.  On second thought, Photo Management System, PMS, might be the wrong classification.  Almost as bad as the iPad…

Adobe released Lightroom 3 beta a few months ago.  I gave it a try, substituting Aperture 2 for Lightroom 3 for over a month.  In the end, Aperture 2 proved to me to be a better solution for me so I can only imagine how great Aperture 3 will be.

Come on Apple, send me that License! Hopefully it will come in time for me to build my presentation for PS Gallery!

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Aperture 2 Released, Invalid?

Apple sent me a serial for the new Aperture 2 software which was released today.  I was pretty excited about installing it and getting to play around with the new goodies.  iPhoto seems to crap out on me around 20gb.  Right now I’m at about 40gb and, it’s just not panning out so well.  I guess it isn’t really iPhoto’s fault, it just wasn’t made to handle 4mb pictures, especially thousands of them.

So, Aperture fills the gap that iPhoto leaves.  They supposedly integrate but I have never been able to get my iPhoto to talk to the previous version of Aperture.  I was hoping I could use this new version but… Here’s what I get when I copy and past my serial.

Ugh.  Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to pick up a copy in the store instead.

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