Bahrain and the Day of Rage

I’m back in America. Had an awesome time in Saudi Arabia and despite all the turmoil that is going on in the region right now, I felt safe the entire time and can’t wait to go back.

I went to Saudi Arabia to celebrate my dad’s 50th birthday which was the same day as the Bahraini revolution. As a gift to my parents I did not join my friend James in his trip over the causeway to Bahrain for the “Day of Wrath” “Day of Rage” “Revolution” etc etc. Part of me was devastated that I was passing up such an incredible opportunity but the other part of me wanted to do the right and safe thing.  In the end I’m still not sure whether or not I made the right decision but I have a feeling I did…

If you have ever been to Bahrain, you know it’s this really fun, friendly country. Amazing shopping, fabulous restaurants, they serve alcohol, are BIG into family stuff with water parks and all that jazz. As a person of comparative privilege (which is probably everyone reading this), you probably would have no idea there was an issue there.

One of my last photos from Bahrain was from the upscale Monsoon restaurant. This is the Bahrain I know.

Something like half of the people living in Bahrain are ex-Pats. The disparity between classes is so extreme that you almost don’t even see it. It’s like at night time, you don’t notice the black of the sky but instead the white of the moon and stars. Continue reading

Goodbye Saudi Arabia

We went to the dunes on Patrick’s (my brother) last day in Saudi Arabia. It was pretty awesome. Camels came up to use right as we were leaving and the sky was awesome.

I’m about to make my own voyage back to America, in just an hour or so. From Saudi Arabia to Bahrain (wish me luck…) from Bahrain to Frankfurt Germany, from Frankfurt to San Francisco.

Catch you guys later! A lot to catch you up on, tons of photos and adventures to share!

Willkommen nach Frankfurt!

After about ten or eleven hours of travel, from Saudi Arabia to Bahrain then back to Saudi Arabia to connect to another flight (for real) I am in Frankfurt Germany.  Oh yeah, but first I met this awesome girl from Tel Aviv who is now my Facebook friend (social media for the win!) who got lost along with me in the airport, through a series of horrible directions from airport workers…  We finally made it to our fork in the road.  She was gate 13, I, gate 15.  Since she was going to Isreal, a known terrorist-ridden country with hundreds of years of historic terrorism, suicide bombings, religious cleansing she had her very own special security screening system to go through.

Oh and since I’m from America, coming from Saudi Arabia, I got my own round of fun.  Taken to my own private room, they gave me the full one over.  When all was said and done, I made it to my gate and here I sit.  For the next several hours…

But don’t worry for me too much.  I got a great cappuccino, an authentic german pretzel (which was meh) and a couple of hours of T-Mobile Internet for the small cost of $22 (hella expensive).

Oh did I mention they are jamming, like blasting, Beyonce and David Guetta.  That’s pretty fabulous haha.

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Packing My Bags, I’m Ready to Go!

In just an hour and thirty minutes the bus will pick me up to bring me to the airport in St Louis.  From there I’ll fly to Washington DC, then to Paris France!  I’ll meet up with the family in Paris for Christmas, travel around the country to various friends’ for celebration, fun and catching up.   Then I’ll be off to Bahrain for New Years!  Really excited about that.  After Bahrain I’ll be jetting off to Saudi Arabia, exploring around the country, making photos, having an awesome time.

I am all sorts of excited about the trip and hope to keep you all informed of my adventures here and on my Twitter. Wanna help?  Leave me some suggested sites to visit in the comments!

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