Whew York!

So.  I had an absolute blast in Boston.  I do believe I will have to add it to the list of places I want to live, if not only for the warmer months.  Then off to New York.  Oh New York… I can’t decide if I’m going to move to New York or to San Francisco.  It’s a tough call.

I went to B&H Photography today and looked at some fun lenses and got a remote control for my camera, then to H&M and some new shirts.  Yay!  We had some authenic New York pizza and some Starbucks and some roasted nuts and… We have been eating way way too much.  I think Landon and I both will need a few day fast… yikes

Now we are on our way back to Washinton DC.  We are going to be entertaining a french gal named Audrey.  She is couch surfing.

Oh and hostels = awesome.  We stayed at one in Boston, I’m in love.  We ever went pub crawling with them, yay!

Ok, this bus is kinda squished to be typing too much.  Tomorrow I promise a better update wrought full of pictures.  I promise promise promise.

Much love!