In Case You Missed It 2

New photos are being published to  You should head on over there and let me know what you think.  Three up already, about six more to go.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy them.

Crewdson Home

Oh and I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a HUGE thanks to Brittany for all of her help yesterday.  She spent a few hours looking over my shoulder as I edited pictures giving me some really inspiring ideas and keeping me from going absolutely crazy.  Check out her blog!

And to Micheal for his help finishing the last two prints, and for checking out the new show My Own Worst Enemy with me… the jury is still out on that show.  Check out his blog too!

McNally’s and Pie

After leaving the Corey’s football party, I road my bike to McNally’s to hang out with Dave, Brittany and Crysta.  We had some drinks and hung out, had a great time.

I had never had the pizza at McNally’s and while it might have something to do with being drunk… it was really freaking good.  The cheese sticks were deadly.

The night ended with me riding home on my bike and going to bed…. Then Dave came over, we chatted for a while and then finally, I got some much needed sleep.  It was a fun night though, and thanks Dave for the pizza and shot!

How I Celebrated my Independence

A Fourth of July fireworks display at the Wash...Image via Wikipedia

So yesterday was the fourth of July.  Or rather, it was the Fourth of July.  The day we celebrate our independence, here in America. Last year I was in Washington DC for the Fourth of July with best friend Landon.  We had a nearly missed the show, and in the capitol city, but it was a wonderful time.  This year was different, being in Missouri and not anywhere all that exciting.

We celebrate this by cooking out with friends and family, grilling some burgers and brats, enjoying the outdoor weather, drinking and setting off fireworks followed by watching a professional fireworks show later in the evening.

I accidentally didn’t do any of those things.  I had the intention of grilling out with Ryan at his work.  I had this idea that I’d hang out with my friend Beau and his guests for a Bar-B-Que.  I thought I’d pick up some sparklers for a photo I wanted to take.  I thought later I would go to Jefferson City or to Faruot Field and watch the fireworks show.

What happened was totally different but still a lot of fun.  I went to Harpo’s where I hung out with Colin, Kevin, Brittany, Ashley and a couple of other friendly people.  We had the idea of being on a roof equaling a great view of the fireworks.  Not so much.  The trees around the building blocked any site of the show.  But that was ok, we had our drinks and our conversation.  I had not seen Kevin in about a year so it was wonderful catching up with him. Plus, we totally matched.


Later we went to the trainwreck of a gay bar out here called, Arches and Columns.  I hear it used to be a real deal pub, and then it was a leather daddy bar and now it’s just a dive.  But always fun.

Bumped into more people I hadn’t seen in quite some time, had a drink, had a good time.  We hung out a bit more at Kevin’s before I went home and crashed.

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