Culinary, Genius


Friday night I am going to a D to the E to the M-O-C-R-A-T party hosted by Mark. It’s basically a chance to celebrate the dems for taking the house and senate. It will definitely be a fun fun fun event.

Being Justin… I felt the need to add something to this party. I am a party thrower lover and if I can get my hands into any party organization situation (rhymed, just reminding you) I love to hop on, even if my expertise wasn’t requested haha.

Remember the amazing Brothel parties I used to throw? I’m made to party and to organize said parties.

So what could I do for this party? How about cakes?

I went out today and bought a $400 Kitchenaid at an INCREDIBLE discount. Everybody, run to Kohl’s and save $200! Plus $40 back in Kohl’s Cash and $60 for purchases on accessories for your new stand mixer. It’s a first class deal.


So far I have made three cheese cakes, tomorrow I will be baking the other two cakes and putting it all together that night and the next day right before the party. This is going to be one HUGE feat.

The cake on the far left will be on its own. It isn’t close to being finished but won’t be too much different.

The other two cheesecakes… now that’s another story. They are going to be a part of a four layer cake, they are just two of the layers. I won’t get into too much detail, let’s just say it is going to be amazing.

I will post pics tomorrow after Geoff and I finish these bad boys off. Not even he knows exactly what I have in mind… muhahahaha!