Take to the Lake 2008

I’m here at the Lake of the Ozarks with my fraternity brothers. We have been having a great time just shooting the shit, drinking, getting kicked out of bars, waking up early, going onto the lake, getting breakfast, bitching about stuff, bathing in the sun, go-carting through the storms, bar-b-quing, drinking some more, try our vices and… sitting by the pool.


Oh and today Geoffrey and I went shopping at the outlet mall.  We went to J. Crew, Brooks Brothers, The Gap, Banana Republic, you know the usual gay shopping excursion suspects.  I didn’t get too much but Geoffrey got quite a bit at Ralph Lauren.  I just got one pair of khaki pants haha.

I wasn’t actually looking forward so much to going. I have a lot of stuff to get done in not a lot of time, school, work, scheduling classes, traveling for work and for fun, it’s just a busy time. But boy and I glad that I went.


Last night we went to Risky’s, did some fun karaoke, drank the first hour free… I guess that’s what probably lead to us getting kicked out. Oops.


Today was more civil. I’m sad that I’m leaving tomorrow but I guess all great things must end. Acacia is in a new generation and in all the changes I guess I lost what I had with these brothers. I hope to hang out with my alumni brothers more often, especially those that live in Columbia.

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