The British Invade Walmart

This video reminds me of the first time my uncle went to a Walmart. After a few years living in Denmark, and probably a decade in the Cayman Islands, he somehow managed to escape the entire idea of a “Super Walmart“.

Watching my uncle go on a buying spree was hilarious. In a matter of minutes it seemed our shopping cart was full of the sorts of stuff only someone new to Walmart would choose.

What they sell tires here? Oh yeah, just a few aisles from the shotguns and bedroom sets. But don’t forget the milk!

By the way, do we even call them “Super Walmart” or “Walmart Supercenters” anymore, are they all now just, “Walmarts?” That’s a scary thought. It’s like how “super” sizing something just became cute as “Biggie Size”. Pretty soon instead of obese we’ll be “Biggie Sized”.

I love these guys. Liam, Charlie, Alex and the rest of the gang from Chameleon Circuit. There is just something about British humor always gets me.

We Made it to Flagstaff

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It was a long drive from Oklahoma City yesterday morning, but we made it to Flagstaff Arizona right on schedule. Also, right as the snow began to fall. Great timing. I swear, these were the biggest snow flakes I had ever seen!

So much drama preceded this trip just hours before I was supposed to leave. Drama including a missing moving truck…

But all of that will come to light after I’m in San Francisco and unpacked! Until then, it’s time to get back on the road. See you in California!

Sutro Heights Park and Goodbyes

Before heading to the airport, and making our sad goodbyes, Ryan took me to a part of San Francisco I didn’t even know existed. How I never knew about the beautiful Sutro Heights Park I am not sure but I am sure happy that Ryan brought me there for some beautiful vistas, a slow long walk through the trails and a little time before I left for Missouri to talk about our future together.

The Waves from Sutro Heights Park

The thought of leaving Ryan and California for Missouri made me sick. The idea that I was choosing to live two thousand miles away from the person and the place that I love just didn’t make sense. Yet, for some reason, less than 45 minutes after making it to Sutro Heights Park, we were back in the car and heading to the airport.

Golden Gate Bridge from Sutro Heights Park

When I start thinking about how much I miss Ryan and my friends in California I’m reminded that living in Columbia isn’t my permanent future. Someday, hopefully someday soon, I’ll make some dramatic changes in my life and it won’t be long before I’m no longer visitin California and instead, living there.

For All My Kiwis

I’m not really sure how many New Zealand readers I have here.  Actually, I do know. It’s 91.

Nevertheless, PayPerPost wanted me to spread the word about this new service, KiwiSelect.  They help make this blog possible by sponsoring it through advertisements on the blog.

Interested in saving money, I went to the site kiwisaver and played around with it a bit.



The service is beautiful to play around with and allows you to easily calculate how much money you can save by retirement based on your age and “attitude”.  The site allows you to choose an investment risk profile, choose a fund manager, and then to apply online for the best fund choice and pretty much finishes up the whole deal.

If the service is as easy to fully implement as it seems, I say it’s a slam dunk.  Do wish there was something out here, in the United States, that worked similarly.  So far I don’t know of any.  But a quick check with this site had me with $406,000 by retirement age!  That’s not too shabby.

Plus, this whole deal is government backed, to me that’s a good thing, while at the same time it’s free and independently owned.  What more could you ask for?  Plus, whoever did their site certainly had an eye for style.

We need people to save more and prepare for the economies we are in today.  KiwiSelect is a move in the right direction.

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