Café Berlin End of Spring Break

Yesterday I met up with Phoebe, @fotofobe, at Café Berlin for brunch.  It’s become the go to place for me and all of my friends for a great breakfast at any time of the day.  I can’t think of a better place in Columbia to meet up for mimosas and a nice breakfast.

Phoebe and I had a great time talking about our futures in and out of Columbia, how incredibly fast this semester has passed and whatever else came into our heads.  Of course a copious amount of photo talk happened, what, we’re nerds.  It’s always a fun time when Phoebe is around!

We got our usuals, drank too much coffee and just had a pretty fabulous time.  You have to check this place out, follow them on Twitter @CafeBerlin.

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Brunch at Cafe Berlin

Phoebe (@fotofobe) invited me out to Cafe Berlin (@CafeBerlin) for brunch with a friend of her’s from out of town.  I of course had to accept the invitation, I mean, it’s freaking Cafe Berlin!

Being all photo nerds, we spent probably a good twenty minutes talking about photography and playing with our cameras, in the midsts of sticky syrup and slippery butter.

Phoebe got some pretty funny/embarrassing photos of me over on her blog.  I definitely did not get any blackmail worthy shots of her haha.

And wouldn’t you know it?  Bumped into a gaggle of my friends having brunch just a bit after we were finishing.  Sometimes living in a small-ish town isn’t so bad.  Randomly bumping into the people you love isn’t such a bad thing, huh?

Find them on twitter, well most of them, Justin (@joneal65203), Chadd (@Chadd65203) and Akiko (@akikooda).  Afterwards I met up with Chase (@clettenberg) for a trip to the bike shop, some lunch and coffee at Starbucks.

All and all, a pretty great weekend, until I had to go to work of course.  Then, back to work as usual.  At least I got a few hour break before going back to the usual grind!  Oh and the weather, awesome.  Gotta jet.