Meet Frank, the Camel

I didn’t name him. Ryan did. But I like it. Frank, the camel from outside Hofuf.  Had a great time today playing with the camels and exploring a Saudi Arabian oasis. He was one of the hundreds of camels taken care of by Sudanese nomads who bring them here for market where they will be sold. Some for dairy, some for racing, some for show, some for transportation and some for… well let’s not think about that.

Evil Giraffe, Death of a Giraffe

Carrie and I went out today to do some photography stuffs, just random and fun.  She totally didn’t believe that there were exotic animals at this one house in Columbia.  I swore they had a giraffe but apparently I was wrong.  However, she was too cause she did read that blog post hehe.

So first, a video of Eddie Izzard as an evil giraffe.  He is one of my favorite, if not my favorite stand-up comedian.

[flv:Evil_Giraffe.flv 477 360]

Now a video Ryan sent me about the stages of death of a giraffe by Robot Chicken.  Equally as funny, well maybe.

[flv:Giraffe_Death.flv 477 360]

Pictures from today will follow later tonight or maybe tomorrow.  Went to a few places today, the weather was so nice, we just had to do it!