Blame Drew’s Cancer

Click to VisitI remember reading about Drew’s cancer a couple of years ago, around the time that my aunt was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer, for the second time.  Things weren’t looking good for her, beating colon cancer was one thing.  Beating it a second time, after you’ve already been through several surgeries, was a totally different story.

The cancer moved from her colon to her lungs as we prepared to say our goodbyes.

It seemed impossible at the time, but somehow my aunt was dealt a second miracle.  An almost unexplainable disappearance of cancer in her lungs and colon.  The treatment from MD Anderson, which was experimental and not as promising as one would hope for, worked.

It’s been nearly two years and she is still cancer free.

Drew is not.

His fight against cancer has become a sort of internet phenomenon.  His website Blame Drew’s Cancer invites everyone to blame, you guessed it, Drew’s cancer for anything that goes wrong.  Stub your toe? Blame Drew’s cancer.  Lock your keys in the car? Blame Drew’s cancer.

The idea quickly spread and it wasn’t long before a hashtag was born (#blamedrewscancer) which people are encouraged to use on Twitter and various YouTube videos popped up.

This is by far my favorite.  It actually brought me to chills and even a few tears from my eyes.  Videos like this give me faith in this world, that it isn’t all bad, that there are good people out there.

Oh and thanks to @DaRave for indirectly reminding me about this movement.  No get to the gym!