Economic Stimulus Payment Notice

I got my Economic Stimulus Payment Notice in the mail the other days.  It says I should get $300-600 from the IRS this May because I make over $3,000.  Wow, that’s all you need to make?

First off, I am totally against the this “stimulus”.  The people that are making $3,000 probably aren’t saving their money.  They are spending it.  Yeah, I know that’s the point of this thing, for Americans to go out and shop.

However, it’s not the lower class people that need to go out and spend money, it’s the top 20% and greater.  The more you ear, the more you spend.  But it is relative and obvious.  When you make $12,000 a year and get a check for $600, that’s 5% of your income for the year as a bonus.  That is only 1% above inflation!

The bottom 80% of Americans will use this stimulus payment to go shopping, not to pay off debts or to put into a high yeld savings account.  The only people who will benefit from this stimulus are the rich.

The money is basically going from our government to the rich elite of America via the person who makes $3,000-75,000 a year.  This money will be spent paying for the outrageous gas prices (it will fill your car ten times), it will be spent buying iPods and video games.  It will be spent on vacations to Disney World.  It will be spent going out to eat.  It will be spent going to see movies.

This money will be put back into the hands of who had it first, the rich.

Economic Stimulus Payment Notice… ESPN, parent company?  ABC.  Parent company? Walt Disney.  Sister companies?

Walt Disney Pictures
Touchstone Pictures
Hollywood Pictures
Miramax Films
Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Broadcast Television
ABC Network
Owned and Operated Television Stations
WLS – Chicago
WJRT – Flint
KFSN – Fresno
KTRK – Houston
KABC – Los Angeles
WABC – New York City
WPVI – Philadelphia
WTVD – Raleigh – Durham
KGO – San Francisco
WTVG – Toledo
Cable Television
ABC Family
Disney Channel
Toon Disney
Lifetime Network (partial)
A&E (partial)
E! (partial)
ABC Radio
WKHX – Atlanta
WYAY – Atlanta
WDWD – Atlanta
WMVP – Chicago
WLS – Chicago
WZZN – Chicago
WRDZ – Chicago
WBAP – Dallas
KSCS – Dallas
KMEO – Dallas
KESN – Dallas
KMKI – Dallas
WDRQ – Detroit
WJR – Detroit
WDVD – Detroit
KABC – Los Angeles
KLOS – Los Angeles
KDIS – Los Angeles
KSPN – Los Angeles
KQRS – Minneapolis – St. Paul
KXXR – Minneapolis – St. Paul
KDIZ – Minneapolis – St. Paul
WGVX – Minneapolis – St. Paul
WGVY – Minneapolis – St. Paul
WGVZ – Minneapolis – St. Paul
WABC – New York City
WPLJ – New York City
WQEW – New York City
WEVD – New York City
KGO – San Francisco
KSFO – San Francisco
KIID – Sacramento
KMKY – Oakland
WMAL – Washington DC
WJZW – Washington DC
WRQX – Washington DC
KQAM – Wichita
KKDZ – Seattle
WSDZ – St. Louis
WWMK – Cleveland
KMIX – Phoenix
KADZ – Denver
KDDZ – Denver
WWMI – Tampa
KMIC – Houston
WMYM – Miami
WWJZ – Philadelphia
WMKI – Boston
WDZK – Hartford
WDDZ – Providence
WDZY – Richmond
WGFY – Charlotte
WDYZ – Orlando
WMNE – West Palm Beach
WEAE – Pittsburgh
WDRD – Louisville
WPPY – Albany, NY
KPHN – Kansas City
WQUA – Mobile
WBML – Jacksonville
WFDF – Flint
WFRO – Fremont, OH
WDMV – Damascus, MD
WHKT – Norfolk Radio Disney
ESPN Radio (syndicated programming)
Buena Vista Music Group
Walt Disney Records
Hollywood Records
Lyric Street Records
Book Publishing Imprints
Miramax Books
ESPN Books
ABC Daytime Press
Hyperion Audiobooks
Hyperion East
Disney Publishing Worldwide
Cal Publishing Inc.
Hyperion Books for Children
Jump at the Sun
Michael di Caupa Books
Disney Global Children’s Books
Disney Press
Global Retail
Global Continuity
Automotive Industries
Biography (with GE and Hearst)
Disney Adventures
Disney Magazine
ECN News
ESPN Magazine (distributed by Hearst)
Family Fun
Institutional Investor
Top Famille – French family magazine
US Weekly (50%)
Video Business
Parks and Resorts
Disneyland Resort
Walt Disney World Resort
Tokyo Disney Resort
Disneyland Resort Paris
Hong Kong Disneyland
Buena Vista Theatrical Productions
The Disney Store
Disney Cruise Line
Disney Toys
The Baby Einstein Company
Walt Disney Internet Group

Basically, they now own you.  For more proof, just scroll down, and down, and down and down and down until you see how much the Iraq War has cost compared to the government actually trying to fix our economic/energy crisis.

I’m clearly in a mood…

Oh, and I will probably spend my $600 check on a new lens, because I don’t want to disappoint the American People.