Quickie Update

Just a little update, more later.

  • Political Research paper proposal got highest possible grade
  • Photography critique went really well
  • Photography professor wants me to teach a 20-40 minute session on how I do my style of photography!
  • Moved the aquarium so that it does not sit directly over about $4000 in Nikon camera bodies/lenses good idea right?
  • Re-arranging things in the apartment, OCD is making me crazy!
  • Continuing to workout, no weight loss but can tell I’m building muscle
  • I have lots of class this weekend, 12.5 hours of it!
  • Got a free Chipotle burrito the other day with Micheal, then felt sick all day haha.  Oh well, tasty enough that it was worth it.
  • Geoffrey is coming into town, Hurray!  Can’t wait to see him.  He’ll be staying at my apartment and I’ll be retreating to the condo.
  • Carrie is coming into town!  I hope we can get some time to play with cameras 🙂
  • Still waiting to get that new Epson Printer… Waiting to see if they replace the Epson Stylus Pro 3800 for a 3880 or a 3900 (I want vivid magenta and roll paper!!!)

So that’s a quick blast update, kinda like Blogography’s Bullet Sunday 🙂

From Skateparks to Zebras

Over the weekend, Carrie and I went on a little photo shoot to the skate park.  I was a little nervous taking pics of a bunch of people I didn’t know, makes you feel a little weird, ya know?

They really weren’t anything special, but who am I to judge, I have trouble with a kick scooter…

There was a guy doing some fun stuff with his BMX.  Another fella was recording the antics with his video camera which made taking pictures of this particular guy less intimidating.


The main event was really the camel and zebra.  Carrie totally didn’t believe these guys existed in Columbia, it is always nice to show people new things.  How many times have I thought that Columbia was the lamest place (don’t answer that) and someone showed me something new? (on second thought, don’t answer that either)

Well anyways it’s always nice.  Plus I wanted to check up on my quadrupeds


The camel was much more outgoing than the zebra who stayed at quite a distance.  He needed a breath mint.


Evil Giraffe, Death of a Giraffe

Carrie and I went out today to do some photography stuffs, just random and fun.  She totally didn’t believe that there were exotic animals at this one house in Columbia.  I swore they had a giraffe but apparently I was wrong.  However, she was too cause she did read that blog post hehe.

So first, a video of Eddie Izzard as an evil giraffe.  He is one of my favorite, if not my favorite stand-up comedian.

[flv:Evil_Giraffe.flv 477 360]

Now a video Ryan sent me about the stages of death of a giraffe by Robot Chicken.  Equally as funny, well maybe.

[flv:Giraffe_Death.flv 477 360]

Pictures from today will follow later tonight or maybe tomorrow.  Went to a few places today, the weather was so nice, we just had to do it!

What To Do…?

Let’s get a solid back story here before I continue with the current situation.

I moved back to Columbia and brainstormed with Jim this great idea that we could move in together in this three bedroom apartment off campus with his boyfriend David. I didn’t really know David but he seemed like a nice enough guy, plus he was from Texas so I liked him that much more

Things worked out just fine for a good while. I mean, I had to do most if not all of the cleaning and every once in a while David would drink too much and be a little annoying. Nothing really bothered me too much except that I never got to hang out with Jim.

When I first moved in, I was super busy with work, I had about 40 hours a week over at Starbucks on top of class work. When my eyes got fucked up, again, I had to cut my hours to around 12-20 per week and then further when I got sick from the other stuff.

At one point I was pretty damn sick, I even had to take a cab to the emergency room. This was followed by three surgeries and some annoying preparatory and recovery procedures. Throughout all of this I never asked for a ride or anything special, except one time I did ask Jim if he could bring me to the hospital for my surgery, unfortunately he had class and couldn’t, that’s fine, I understood completely and never asked again.

Right before David moved out to finish his graduate requirements in Houston, he had this big drunken fit. He called me an asshole and many other mean and untrue things. It seemed then that he thought I didn’t want him to be with Jim and that I wanted to be with Jim.

Oh yeah, Jim and I dated years ago, for a few months. It never progressed to anything as serious as Jim’s last two relationships and we had both moved on completely, absolutely completely.

Jim and David moved out completely last… Saturday. Jim had asked if I could get the cable box to Mediacom that Friday or Thursday if he didn’t make it in time. I let him know that I would try but my last two days, Monday and Tuesday, in Columbia were already packed with work during Mediacom’s hours of operation and errands I had to run to get my shit together with my new apartment, work and planning for the rest of the summer. On Tuesday I literally had every hours planned out with appointments, ask Kevin, Geoff, Curtis, Chadd, my family…

Furthermore, I had told Jim that he could take it back whenever he wanted as all of my television watching was now done with my AppleTV. I only watched regular television in my bedroom or otherwise basic cable broadcast, I didn’t use the cable box function, at all.

Tuesday night I got out of work at 12:30am (which is actually Wednesday morning of course) and Geoff was kind enough to pick me up at Columbia Autobody about 10 miles north of town around 1:00am and bring me home. I finished laundry, packed my stuff up and at 4:30 a bus picked me up to bring me to the Saint Louis Airport.

On Monday or perhaps early Tuesday, I told Jim that I might not be able to make it to Mediacom until I got back into town, which would be a Sunday, the 17th, Mediacom opens the next day, Monday. I won’t have my car until the afternoon on Monday and I work in the afternoon Monday so who knows when I will actually be able to pick up my car, probably Tuesday.

David sent me a text message tonight because he was mad that I didn’t make it to Mediacom.


I was immediately floored.  No one likes to get messages like that, especially when you feel that you are totally innocent of any wrongdoing.  Jim understood that I would try, but just as he had run out of time, I did not have the time.  I was stressed out about getting just my stuff done.  With a co-worker’s baby on the way, I had been given extra shifts, working as much as 14 hours a day on top of moving to my new place, planning and organizing trips to Austin, Houston, Indianapolis, Chicago, San Francisco and Santa Rosa, New York, Washington DC, Nashville and South Carolina.  Plus trying to figure out how I would pay for these trips and still afford to finish off my apartment.

Despite what some people think, I’m not rich and I don’t get everything I want from my parents.  If I can’t afford something right away, I save up my paychecks and wait until I can.  I’m very good at saving the money before products come out so I can get them as they arrive, such as the AppleTV and Airport Extreme and my iPods and such.

I called Jim to apologize if I had upset him and let him know that I would get it returned as soon as I could.  I also told him that David had sent me that really mean, unwarranted text message.  The phone service out here in the hill country isn’t so great and we got cut off twice, through kind words.  He apologized for David which isn’t something he should have done or had to do.  Jim had written me earlier saying if I could just get it done when I get back, OK.

Then I got another message from David.

David's 2nd Evil message

It just never ends.  I’m not sure what to do.  Micheal told me to just ignore David and not respond to him, save the friendship I have with Jim and forget that David and I had ever had this one sided conversation.

I have never responded to David’s accusations, his quips and whips.  I have never voiced my opinions of David to Jim and have never actively done anything to David.  He has used my computer to log into his email on Gmail.  He has printed from my printer or at least taken ALL of the paper out of my printer four times, the last time being their last day in Columbia.  Nothing like pulling an all-nighter to find your printer out of paper right before you have to run to class and turn in your report.

This summer I have been really enjoying work.  I have been hanging out with great old friends and making new ones.  I have made more new friends this semester than I ever expected; Ryan, Beau, Scott, Chadd, Justin, Nick, Carrie, John, Justin, Justin, Michelle, Jessica2, Scott…

I’m going to be in Washington DC for some eleven days visiting Landon and experiencing the Fourth of July at our Capital.  I really hope to hang out with Jim while I’m there and to spend some time exploring the city with Geoff when he arrives later in the week.  I am going to have a blast hanging out with Landon and his friends and expect to share those experiences with Jim.  We have been great friends through so much for so long.  We have helped each other through heartbreak, through depression and through some soul searching.  We have shared so many wonderful experiences and have grown up together into completely different people than the ones we were when we first met in 2003.

I love you Jim.I don’t think I’m a loser.  I think I’m a really nice guy with a winner personality and lots of wonderful friends like many of you reading my blog right now.  I don’t think I would have you as friends if I were a “fucking prick” a “loser” an “asshole”.

Now that that is out of the way, I’m going to get some sleep.  I have a busy day ahead of myself.

Yeah, I’ll Update

As Carrie so kindly noted, I have been pretty bad about updating the blog this week.  I would like to say that I have been really busy with wonderful, fun things but honestly, I’ve just been in one of my funks.

The Megaplex people loved the site design and now want postcard fliers, business cards and posters.  I’m excited for the work and the people there are really fantastic.  Thanks for all of the help choosing the new design, critiquing and just being there for me.  It was the first design like that I had done, ever.  And with the reaction I got and the fact that even I like it (I’m my toughest critic… trust me) makes me even more anxious about getting out into the world, graduate and get a great job doing something like this.

I really want to explore design, photography and just overall creativity more than I currently do.  But this requires time and money, both of which seem to work against each other.  The more time you have, the less money, the more money, the less time.  I guess that’s what comes from an hourly job.  I’m not making enough money at Starbucks these days and am investigating more work like Megaplex and maybe doing landscaping.

The past few weeks have been weird for me, physically and emotionally.

Physically, I have gone down a size.  I now wear 30″ waist pants (used to be 32 or 33) and small shirts (used to be medium) but the past few days I have been feeling really fat, really just funky.  I’ve been eating my diet of egg beaters, fruit and chicken but a few days I splurged on the kids menu at Moe’s.  I’m eating there with Carrie on Thursday, but I am promising myself right now, only a salad, none of their fucking amazing queso.

Emotionally?  Well, first off it is weird not to be able to really talk about the Megaplex job to my family.  I typically talk to them several times a day and they know everything going on in my life that isn’t gay.  I just don’t like to talk about my boy troubles and stuff to them, puts them in an uncomfortable place, though it might not really be fair to me…   Talking about doing a website for a gay bathhouse would definitely not be a comfortable talk with them.  They love that I have gotten the job and done such a good job.  They want to see the fliers and the posters I have designed but I just cannot let them see them.  How it would make things awkward…

I know they can get to this blog, anyone can, and I know they have been here before.  They claim they have never been here, that they don’t even know about it.  But I have checked IP’s, histories, etc.  It has been visited from Tulsa and from Horseshoe Bay and several other random places my family just happens to be at any given moment.  It doesn’t bother me at all that they read this, I like that actually.  I just wish they would, you would, be honest with me about it.  Know that me doing a job for a gay bathhouse does not make me a trashy person, work is work and when you need money, who cares how you get it as long as it doesn’t hurt you or anyone else.

Some people have looked down on me doing the site for Megaplex, meanwhile they are buying porn and adult items from time to time or doing whatever others might consider weird/different/wrong.  Don’t judge me please and don’t form opinions about a place without knowing the full story (it’s actually a really nice place run by fantastic people).