The Story of How It Went Down

So glad @coreyschmidt and @clettenberg moved back to Columbia. ¬†Though, it seems that whenever the four of us get together, Ryan gets tipsy ūüėõ

Me and My Guys!


They say a picture is worth one thousand words, so instead of using my memory, which is probably a little flakey after the night, to recall the evening, I’ll just post the pictures with captions. ¬†These pictures were taken totally out of context. ¬†It’s kinda hilarious, to me, how they worked out, considering they were totally random, slightly, drunken photos.

Corey is Swept Off His Feet

Corey is Swept Off His Feet

And Then it Got Interesting...

Then it Got Interesting...

And Then it Got Interesting...

And Then it Got Out of Focus

And Corey Got Pissed!

Ryan wanted to Join in On the Fun but Corey Wouldn't Have It!

So Corey Decided to Mark His Territory, Chase.

So Corey Decided to Mark His Territory. Chase Attempts to Block Corey's Advances, unsuccessfully I Might Add.

Then, Corey Has an Epiphany!

And then Corey Had an Epiphany!

Then Ryan Tried to Join In

Maybe They Really Can All Be "Friends!"

And So It Was, Two Became Three!

And So It Was, Two Became Three, and They Drank, Happily, Ever, After.

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Goodbye Houston…

Downtown Houston Sunset

Downtown Houston Texas

It’s pretty crazy to think how long I’ve been away from Columbia and Ryan and the rest of my friends. ¬†While I’ve had a great to amazing time here in Texas, it is time for me to go home and get ready for the upcoming semester, as well as act on all the job opportunities I’ve been given, before I’m totally overwhelmed and don’t complete any of them…… rutroh.

I drove to Rockport Texas in a last minute effort to squeeze a little more out of my time here. ¬†There I visited with my cousins, David, Susan and Katie. ¬†David has got to be one of my best friends in the world. ¬†The only person who I’ve ever gotten along with so well that we’ve never had a disagreement or argument. ¬†We grew up as best friends, moved to California together and have continued to maintain a great, though sadly quite distant, relationship. ¬†It was so wonderful to see the three of them, though I really do wish Stephanie, the fourth in this cluster of cousins, could have been there.

We made dinner, I baked a cake and we had a totally random, Cake and a Movie Night.  It was just such a wonderful, relaxing and emotionally fulfilling time together.

Tomorrow morning… well, in 9 hours, I’ll be heading to the airport to fly into Columbia. ¬†I should probably get myself to sleep but the anxiety of the day ahead of me is nearly too much for me to handle! ¬†An ambien would be wonderful right about now.

It isn’t just the stress of so much work to get done when I get home, it’s also the excitement of seeing Ryan, Chadd, Karen, Laura, Eric, Josh, Pheobe, Max Brittany… (@kaleb1983, @chadd65203, @ok2baprincess, @bigred77, @ericcox, @brooding_soul, @fotofobe, @madmax69 @aurablush) and the news that Chase, Corey (@clettenberg, @coreyschmidt) and Sam will be (fingers crossed) moving back to Columbia.

I’ll just have to take it all head on… starting in 8 or so hours. ¬†Until then, goodnight!

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I Miss My Boys

My dear friend Karen aka @ok2baprincess always refers to her “boys” as the important guys in her life, her closest male friends.

Being a gay male, you’d think that I have a lot of really close gay friends, like you see on television. ¬†Well, TV lies. ¬†I do have a few great gay friends but really… in Columbia, besides my amazing incredible beautiful wonderful boyfriend… I only have two or three super close gay friends.

I won’t name them… you know who you are.

So, when I say “my boys” I mean the guys in Columbia that for any particular amount of time were of the most importance to me. ¬†In particular we’ve got Chase and Corey ( @clettenberg and @coreyschmidt respectively). ¬†They are of the awesome band, Scouts (check them out at or on their MySpace).

The band recently moved outta town, off to Kansas City Missouri, you know, where all the big bands really make it… Well… hopefully that’ll be the case for them.

Ever since, my life has been a little empty. ¬†I miss the late night bad decisions they helped me make, the trips to the tattoo parlors where I drunkenly asked for full sleeves and various body piercings. ¬†There’s the incredibly open conversations about sex, relationships and emotions that I don’t think I could have with any other friend. ¬†I miss Chase’s insults on my clothing, taste in music, taste in television, taste in movies, taste in… well my taste period. ¬†I miss the apparent battle between Chase and Corey for who could wear the gayest outfit, the tightest jeans, the deepest v-necks.

I miss their concerts, taking their pictures, shooting the shit with the band and just generally experiencing all the good, and bad, that we all went through together.  Breakups, new relationships, shit jobs, shit classes, you get the point.

I miss the random trips to St. Louis to hang with Chase’s insane(ly awesome) cousin and the completely EPIC beer pong tournaments at Corey’s apartment.

Bottom line, I miss my boys. And Chase coming into town the other day, seeing a movie with him and Karen at RagTag Cinema just brought back all those positive memories.

Soon I’ll be moving to California, well in about a year. ¬†There I will be reunited with all of my old wonderful friends. ¬†Meanwhile, I have a few of those really special friends in Columbia; as time passes and external forces push us away, again I will look fondly at the times we had together.

So here’s a cheers to my best brotastic friends, even if they abandoned me here in the great abyss that is Mid Missouri.

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Why I Hate Chase Bank

Remember when our economy failed? ¬†Like overnight, banks just disappeared? ¬†Well, one of those banks that disappeared, though not overnight, was Washington Mutual. ¬†Now, we’ve had our ups and downs with WaMu but for the most part, they were a really standup-kinda company and I really had no complaints.

Until Chase Bank purchased them.  Ever since things have been hell.

My payments scheduled through Bank of America, which I was told would have no trouble continuing to work as usual, stopped working. ¬†No statements were being sent to my house so I didn’t even know something was wrong. ¬†A few weeks before I found out anything was wrong, I called Chase because my cards weren’t working. ¬†They had been flagged as being stolen, all three, even though I’d only been using one for international ¬†travel¬†accommodations. ¬†I got that sorted out, asked if anything else was screwy and they said nope.

Came back to Missouri with phone calls from a collections agency! ¬†My accounts were all late by a month. ¬†One month and I’m in collections? WTF?!

I paid the accounts, explained what had happened, or what I presumed had happened.  They took it off my record, setup auto-pay from my checking account, all was good.

Until the next week when I got an email letter/phone call that I was still over due. ¬†The last payments didn’t go through on two of the cards because she had transposed two numbers incorrectly from my Bank of America account… but only on two of the three cards.

They charged me $39×4… Basically $160 for their mistake. ¬†That was refunded, they apologized, fixed it, done.

Two weeks later, letter in the mail. I’m overdue, no payments for two months.


I call, they say, oops, yeah that account number was written in wrong, waive the fees, apologize, setup auto-pay, get confirmation the account codes are working.

Today. Get a letter, payments rejected. ¬†“Your bank states the account does not exist”.

Yes it does.

Call Chase. ¬†They see no problem, states online that I paid the amounts required and they are not sure why I’m getting charged for return payments fees of $39 and $15 on each account. ¬†Refund those charges and again state that this will never hit my credit report. ¬†Apologies, etc etc.

Oops.  Not so fast,  payment of $210 is still pending, floating around.  Their solution?  Wait a month.

Why? So I can get ANOTHER $39 fee on that card?

Solution? ¬†As soon as these three cards are paid off, they are going into the paper shredder. ¬†Goodbye Chase Bank. ¬†You have sucked enough life out of me, and I’ve only had you as my card since February or March. ¬†Congratulations on the fastest piss-Justin-off time ever.

Scouts with An Horse and Appleseed Cast


Went to Scout’s last concert here in Columbia on Friday. They played with An Horse and Appleseed Cast at Mojo’s.

The concert was great, love hearing their new stuff, though I do miss some of their old songs… Glad I have the CD I guess. ¬†I didn’t take too many pictures there, seems like since I have like 12gb of Scouts pictures, any more would just be ridiculous.

Here are a few I did take though.

Chase recovers from a Brumski! LoL

Appleseed Cast

This time, and for his very first time, Josh (@brooding_soul) joined me for the Scouts concert.  It was great having him come with me and hanging out later. What a fun night.

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I Wants to Ride My Bicycle

Yeah, I said “wants”.

Went out with Scouts to do a photoshoot.  It was fucking freezing.  I am looking forward to doing another, more organized photoshoot soon so we can actually get everyone in the shot at once haha.

It was a lot of fun though, took a shit ton of pictures but haven’t had time to process any yet.¬† Well except those above which I just white balanced and did some exposure work.¬† For whatever reason I just don’t have a lot of colorspace to edit them. I think it’s the nature of the shot and the time of day was all off. I wanna do it again around 4pm at Cooper’s Landing. Beautiful sunlight there/then.

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The Dudestorm

Oh, how I love random.¬† Wednesday afternoon Chase and Corey called me.¬† They wanted to go to an arcade for games, drinks and fun.¬† I, being a huge fan of all of those things, was totally in and within an hour, we were on the road to St. Louis for a major dudestorm at Dave and Buster’s.

We got to D&B, got some dinner and then hit the games. I ran out of credits faster than anyone else… significantly so.¬† Corey was next so we took our winnings and went to the bar to enjoy a few shots… well, quite a few shots.¬† One was totally killer, the Lethal Weapon, which was like six layers of hard liquor. I had no trouble drinking it but I can see how that top layer of Bacardi 151 Rum might be hard to swallow.

We left D&B and headed to a local bar with Chase’s cousin where I lost pool (meh, can’t win them all), enjoyed a few more drinks and then learned how to play darts.

We kinda had a dumbass bartender/waitress girl. She kept saying it was her first night working but that really didn’t make it any better.¬† Neither did her placing her hands all over us. Well Chase might have liked that but it was just weird to me.

And in classic Rob style, Chase’s cousin, just as last call was announced over the bullhorn… he ordered more beer and a Long Island for me.¬† Corey ordered more shots (it’s just what you do when you combine Rob with anyone else). Holy cow.

Whatevs, we had a blast, chugged our drinks and then made our way home (just a few blocks away).

The next day we woke up to 1 degree weather. WTF?

Once again, I had a random, and awesome trip to St. Louis.¬† I’m really beginning to like that city.¬† So glad I have such awesome friends as Chase and Corey.¬† Can’t wait for the next Dudestorm!

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