The Illustrator

I have always wanted to be an artist… I try with photography, singing, writing etc etc… I am never really happy with my stuff.

Today I had an eight hour course in Photoshop CS3. Turns out I know everything about it… haha, well at least everything in the “intro” course. It was pretty elementary. I finished my work early and just surfed Bloglines and such.

Got home and wanted to do something cool… Here’s what I did.

I think it’s cute. But then I’m a simple person.

P.S. this post is TOTALLY dedicated to my friend Carmen who got loving little fishy drawings through the long lectures in our WGS course Tuesday and Thursday.

Need Ta…

So I need to start doing some things…

  • study french for tuesday’s mid-term
  • study india gender class and cast for thursday’s mid-term
  • reconsider working so many jobs
  • get laundry done
  • setup a budget
  • remember that rent is due on the 1st not just some random time of the month…
  • move the car so you don’t get yet another ticket you’re not going to pay
  • reconsider iTunes are you largest monthly expense
  • put that money you took out of your saves, back
  • get some free time so you can start photography again

In no particular order except those first two…

I’m not too proud to say that I preordered the new Matchbox Twenty cd. I haven’t really listened to it so much yet, but I’m sure it’s pretty good. What’s really good, awesome actually, are all the music videos bundled with the purchase. I’m pretty sure I have all of their music videos, or at least all that matter. Say what you like about Rob Thomas and Matchbox Twenty; they made some great music videos. I’m watching them all as I type this. What a great thing, music videos on demand, thank you AppleTV.

So… Tired…

I’ve been working at the hospital and Starbucks this week… It’s murder.  I’m getting maybe a few hours of sleep a day, then off to work, then to class, then to until 1am.  Last night we got out of work at 1:30!  I am so freaking tired, I can’t really function.  French homework?  Please…  French Quiz… fuck.

Even my hands are shaky from the experience.  I need a vacation!