Bill Clinton Visits MizzouRec

I met Beau and Chadd at the Hillary Clinton rally yesterday here at Mizzou. Hill’s wasn’t there but Bill went in her place. He gave a fantastic speech and just really sold Hillary. She’s got my vote come Super Tuesday!

It was is crazy to think that this guy lead us to America’s strongest years since I have been alive and that afterwards working for so many philanthropic groups.

I bumped into several friends at the even, Geoff, John, Chad… and I even saw Mark and his beau Sam.

After his wonderful speech, Bill greeted the crowd signing books and fliers and, well anything people could get autographed.

I actually got to shake his hand a few times and even got a hug! Yes, I got to hug Bill Clinton.

I can die happy now. 😉

As we were leaving the event, KOMU took time to interview Chadd and Beau.

The full photostream is available here and a slide show with two hundred shots (I was fighting 1256 people and about 40 press…) can be viewed over here.