I Won a Photo Contest!

You read that right! I actually won a photo competition, the first one I’ve ever entered since I was a kid.  I guess you could say that I am 1 for 1, undefeated! haha.  The competition I entered was for the blog and podcast, Indecent Exposure, the subject matter was “White” which was curious since my last critique was just about 100% white!

There are actually four more photos not shown in this early picture of the wall.

There are actually four more photos not shown in this early picture of the wall.

The photo I actually entered was the one right in the middle.

Click the photo to see the larger version on my photoblog.

Listen to the commentary on the photo by CNet‘s Senior Editor Lori Grunin and Matt Fitzgerald

[audio:photocontest.mp3|titles=Indecent Exposure|artists=Their Critique of my Photo]

I was literally jumping up and down with excitement.  Even though I’d already read the blog post saying that I won, listening to them say it made it real to me.  I’m not sure what I actually won, I don’t really need to WIN anything tangible, it’s just really cool to be recognized by someone.  That someone being the hosts of a podcast I really enjoy just makes it that much better.

The next photo competition they are hosting is “Night” which will be arguably more difficult.  Seems like pictures of “night” always look amazing.  I suppose I’ll do something like these… But how do I make them stand out?

Click to view full image

Click to view full image

Click photos to view larger versions.

So there you go!  Lemme know if you have any ideas of what I should shoot.  Right now I’m pretty far behind on my photography class work so I might not be able to compete in this one but we shall see!

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