Countdown Until the Leap Motion Release

You might remember all the hype behind a magical, Minority Report-style, motion control device that busted out onto the tech-scene this summer. The videos of it in action and the announced price (around $100) made it seem like vaporware, something just too good to be true.

With just the wave of your hand, a twitch of a finger, you’re able to control your computer as if it were a touch screen. How it does all of this is still a bit of a mystery. It does not require cameras like the Kinect or Playstation. The tiny desktop box connects via USB and monitors a field of aerial, phalangeal manipulation at up to eight cubic feet.


The device looks to revolutionize how we interact with our computers. Imagine being able to paint in Photoshop with your finger in the air instead of a stylus scraping a plastic tablet. Imagine modeling a 3D structure in Maya or AutoCad. Immersive gameplay would only get more immersive as your hands become the controllers, much like Kinect but likely more accurate. Of course that is if it ever came out. I preordered mine last June and was under the impression it would be released around Christmas but it never did. Continue reading