Cake Moda Cupcake Wars at Crush Barrel Wine Market

That might be the longest post title I’ve ever used.

There are few things in the world better than cupcakes and wine. I mean think about it. Excluding Life’s essentials, what’s better than delicious gourmet cupcakes and free wine? Nothing right? Not even cats in top hats!

Since Ryan was going to be working much of the time that I would be in California, I asked him to find a few things for me to do while I was out there. Ryan is incredibly good at this sort of stuff. He planned the epic spring break we had a few years that went from Kansas City to Buffalo New York to Niagara Falls Canada to Toronto to New York City to Washington DC and back to Kansas City. Quite possibly the best vacations of our lives.

Never to disappoint, Ryan managed to find three of my favorite things as events in the city. Cupcakes, wine tastings and a half-off coupon, in this case, all together. It’s the San Francisco Cake Moda Cupcake Wars at Crush Barrel Wine Market. I’m in and so were my friends Kevin and Dave.

We made the bus ride to San Francisco’s wharf to the Herbst Pavilion and readied our tickets, thanks Eventbrite and Yelp for the hookup. We were in for the gastronomic time of our lives. Right? There was lots of fun live music, great wines to try out and a coupon for $10 off any wine purchase. Win!

Alas, who knew it would be possible to go to an all-you-can-eat cupcake and wine tasting and not have a single cupcake? Also, who knew that not eating all day coupled with drinking lots of wine could be a bad idea?

Both lessons were learned on this voyage to Cupcake Desert, Wine Oasis. Apparently 1,000 other people had the same idea and the free cupcakes became $1-4 cupcakes and all you can eat became all you can afford and dare to wait in line for. We wandered around for a bit, enjoyed some wine, kevetched on the complete absence of free cupcakes, took some photos and eventually decided this wasn’t our scene.

Instead we opted for a cupcake from Ghiradelli Square and dinner with Ryan and Mark at Home.

The next morning I woke up extra early, picked up my rental car, a sweet Volkswagen Jetta and headed north to Healdsburg where a limousine, Kayla and a great time awaited me.

The Virgin Mattress

Is it ironic that the first web series that I was a part of, you might say the web series that took my virginity, was called The Virgin Mattress?

I’m going to go with Yes.

Mal and Grace at the Sleep Shoppe

Last week was one hell of a week. We shot The Virgin Mattress a web series that…

…tells the tales of Sleep Shoppe and sleepers just like you, who will benefit from a new bed. From mattresses passed down through the family tree to those destroyed by man’s best friend, the series will leave you laughing out loud – and dreaming for a virgin mattress of your very own.

I sure do hope it will leave you laughing out loud. The actors got more than a few unexpected laughs out of me. We all had such an awesome time on set shooting the show and catching behind the scenes photos and videos. Between Amy and I we captured as much as 80GB of footage and photos! That’s a lot.

The series launches mid October. Check out our YouTube channel to learn how to win a brand new fancy mattress. I can’t win but you totally (probably) can!

Any who, the week was incredibly busy but also a ton of fun, very much educational and at times, a test of everyone’s patience.

The cast and crew were awesome, and being an extra was hilarious. Oh and playing with RedOne cameras was a [nerdy] dream come true.

After shooting this series, despite the stress and long hours, I really can’t wait to do another. I have always wanted to produce high quality, funny and fun content, especially when in video form. This is my first foray into this avenue. Be sure that once I get my new Nikon DVSLR (Nikon D7000?) I’ll be all over shooting (hopefully) beautiful HD video.

Hope I will be as lucky to have so many talented, flexible and fun actors to work with, not to mention a crew that knows more about what there doing than could fill a 10 volume set.

Yeah, they might look a little… off but they totally know what they are doing. I swear.

I’ll leave you with a slideshow with a bunch of behind the scenes content. The videos will be shown on the YouTube channel and the official website. You can keep up with all the show details by following us on Twitter or becoming a fan on Facebook.

See you there!

I Won a Photo Contest!

You read that right! I actually won a photo competition, the first one I’ve ever entered since I was a kid.  I guess you could say that I am 1 for 1, undefeated! haha.  The competition I entered was for the blog and podcast, Indecent Exposure, the subject matter was “White” which was curious since my last critique was just about 100% white!

There are actually four more photos not shown in this early picture of the wall.

There are actually four more photos not shown in this early picture of the wall.

The photo I actually entered was the one right in the middle.

Click the photo to see the larger version on my photoblog.

Listen to the commentary on the photo by CNet‘s Senior Editor Lori Grunin and Matt Fitzgerald

[audio:photocontest.mp3|titles=Indecent Exposure|artists=Their Critique of my Photo]

I was literally jumping up and down with excitement.  Even though I’d already read the blog post saying that I won, listening to them say it made it real to me.  I’m not sure what I actually won, I don’t really need to WIN anything tangible, it’s just really cool to be recognized by someone.  That someone being the hosts of a podcast I really enjoy just makes it that much better.

The next photo competition they are hosting is “Night” which will be arguably more difficult.  Seems like pictures of “night” always look amazing.  I suppose I’ll do something like these… But how do I make them stand out?

Click to view full image

Click to view full image

Click photos to view larger versions.

So there you go!  Lemme know if you have any ideas of what I should shoot.  Right now I’m pretty far behind on my photography class work so I might not be able to compete in this one but we shall see!

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