Abuse Makes You Gay?

This is just another example of how idiotic the religious right can be.  Molestation does not cause homosexuality.  I knew when I was in 2nd grade.  I had never been molested by anyone or abused or touched or… yet I knew.

Dan Savage wrote a fantastic editorial about this video, I’ll post an excerpt and link at the bottom of this post.

As a thought experiment let’s concede the point: homosexuals are made, not born (with the exception of the few of us with “biological problems”). Who do you suppose is making homosexuals out of kids from fundamentalist Christian homes? Alen Keyes has a gay kid, Randal Terry has a gay kid, Dick Cheney has a gay kid, Phyllis Schafley has a gay kid. Seattle’s Capitol Hill is crawling with gay teenagers and young adults who grew up in—and escaped from—their fundamentalist Christian homes. The documentary For the Bible Tells Me Soprofiles numerous kids from fundamentalist Christian families who grew up to be gay.

Who’s raping all these Christian kids?

Read more on Dan Savage’s awesome blog.

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