007 Skyfall Looks Incredible

My James Bond fascination started with the Pierce Brosnan’s 1995 inaugural film, GoldenEye, though in all honesty, it was probably the Nintendo 64 game that captured most of my interest. Countless hours, days even, were spent on the GoldenEye 007 game between my brother and me.

The rest of the Brosnan films were pretty disappointing which is too bad but it did get me to seek out the superior Sean Connery and Roger Moore flicks. Luckily we got a new MI6 007 in 2006 with Daniel Craig, who for me proved to be infinitely more badass compared to his immediate predecessor.

I will never forget the mind-blowing opening scene of Craig’s first 007 film, Casino Royale. That foot chase initially sold me on him as 007 while his emotional breakdowns, uncommon for Mr. Bond, sealed the deal. Continue reading