I absolutely hate spam.  Luckily Google catches most of it, almost all of it.  But what to do when the mail isn’t unsolicited?  Those annoying forwards from family members, for instance.  Or in my case, emails from the Democratic National Committee.

Re: Devastating new Iraq ad

I get these emails from them at least once a week at most once a day and nearly every one of these messages start with “RE:” in the subject line.

“RE” technically means, “In regards to” but has come to mean, “In reply to”.  Slightly different wording meaning totally different things.  When you get an email which has “RE” in the subject line, you immediately demise that the email is a response to something you sent earlier.

Not when it’s from the DNC and they way they do this is deceitful and, well done pretty stupidly.

If you are going to fake something, at least do it right.  I finally got fed up with them and sent the email to the left.

Maybe I’m just bitchy but this kind of stuff really bothers me.