The Story of How It Went Down

So glad @coreyschmidt and @clettenberg moved back to Columbia.  Though, it seems that whenever the four of us get together, Ryan gets tipsy 😛

Me and My Guys!


They say a picture is worth one thousand words, so instead of using my memory, which is probably a little flakey after the night, to recall the evening, I’ll just post the pictures with captions.  These pictures were taken totally out of context.  It’s kinda hilarious, to me, how they worked out, considering they were totally random, slightly, drunken photos.

Corey is Swept Off His Feet

Corey is Swept Off His Feet

And Then it Got Interesting...

Then it Got Interesting...

And Then it Got Interesting...

And Then it Got Out of Focus

And Corey Got Pissed!

Ryan wanted to Join in On the Fun but Corey Wouldn't Have It!

So Corey Decided to Mark His Territory, Chase.

So Corey Decided to Mark His Territory. Chase Attempts to Block Corey's Advances, unsuccessfully I Might Add.

Then, Corey Has an Epiphany!

And then Corey Had an Epiphany!

Then Ryan Tried to Join In

Maybe They Really Can All Be "Friends!"

And So It Was, Two Became Three!

And So It Was, Two Became Three, and They Drank, Happily, Ever, After.

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Take to the Lake 2008

I’m here at the Lake of the Ozarks with my fraternity brothers. We have been having a great time just shooting the shit, drinking, getting kicked out of bars, waking up early, going onto the lake, getting breakfast, bitching about stuff, bathing in the sun, go-carting through the storms, bar-b-quing, drinking some more, try our vices and… sitting by the pool.


Oh and today Geoffrey and I went shopping at the outlet mall.  We went to J. Crew, Brooks Brothers, The Gap, Banana Republic, you know the usual gay shopping excursion suspects.  I didn’t get too much but Geoffrey got quite a bit at Ralph Lauren.  I just got one pair of khaki pants haha.

I wasn’t actually looking forward so much to going. I have a lot of stuff to get done in not a lot of time, school, work, scheduling classes, traveling for work and for fun, it’s just a busy time. But boy and I glad that I went.


Last night we went to Risky’s, did some fun karaoke, drank the first hour free… I guess that’s what probably lead to us getting kicked out. Oops.


Today was more civil. I’m sad that I’m leaving tomorrow but I guess all great things must end. Acacia is in a new generation and in all the changes I guess I lost what I had with these brothers. I hope to hang out with my alumni brothers more often, especially those that live in Columbia.

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The Piano Bar

Last night, while Ryan worked hard all night saving lives, Micheal and I joined Dustin, Annalee and Seema at the Piano bar for some good times.


We drank a top hat.  It’s like Sangria plus hard liquor. It’s like heaven.  It’s $12.


It’s really big and Micheal and Annalee drank it all.  (Well, not really)


It was a really fun night.  I’m glad Micheal called me to go hang out.  🙂  We were txt messaging Jenny the entire time, sending pictures and our love.  Next week Micheal and I are going to Saint Louis to visit her and go to Showtune Tuesday.  How exciting!

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