We Are the World

I vaguely remember watching the original We Are the World music video by Michael Jackson and company.  Obviously, since I was only a year old when it was released, I don’t remember the premier… but my elementary school was definitely a MJ fan, on rain days we’d watch Michael Jackson music videos (scary stuff).

Today, one of my Twitter friend @jungbow posted a link to the new, We Are the World music video, which I surprisingly had not heard about.  This time, instead of helping the people of Africa, the video is meant to help those caught in the tragedy of Haiti’s earthquake.  While I must admit, and I know this will sound horrible, that I’m a little tired of the Haiti commercials from various charity organizations, I am glad to see that people are making a difference.

The original video featured all the major players in the music business of the 1980s, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Willy Nelson… It was pretty impressive and moving.  Thanks Michael for that!

Now, on to the new one… You’ll see for yourself when you watch it but I must give a few critiques.  Opening sequence with Jamie Foxx.  Seriously dude, you’re in a recording studio, why the hell is your audio so crappy?  It sounds like he’s recording into a laptop microphone.  Secondly, what’s up with the guilt trip Jamie?  We can’t all donate a million dollars to Haiti, I donated what I felt was a generous and financially sound donation.  Did you donate the same ratio as I did?  I seriously doubt it.  While this video will bring in a lot of money, as we all hope, please don’t try and guilt people into giving.  You should instead, inspire people to donate.  That’s what the song is here to do.

That intro video with the Haitians working to rebuild their country, that’s great.  Can we choose a background track that isn’t ALSO from 1985?  Yeek!

Finally… opening with Justin Bieber?  I’ve already aired my grievances with Justin Bieber before, but I ask again, opening with Justin Bieber?!  When you’ve got the likes of Barbara Streisand, Josh Groban, Mary J Blige and Jennifer Hudson, among others, you choose this pop-tart, bubblegum white boy singer turned Disney star rapper as your headliner?

P.S. That auto-tuning you did on a few of the artists (even the less obvious versions)… I think the I am T-Pain iPhone app would have done a better job.  Yeeks.  On and that DMX-esque intermission… why?  Not that I didn’t like the pop-rap-rock-opera you’ve orchestrated, what a great update for the times, just seemed a little forced.

Ok, and that creepy video interlude of Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson, just weird.  I realize it is an homage to the original video but jeeze.  At least mix the audio better.

Alright, I think I’ve chastised this do-good video enough.  It’s a great song, many of the singers are of my favorites and it serves a great cause.

Alright, now tell me what did you think?  What level of hell am I going to for ranting about the technicalities in a charity music video?  Leave your thoughts in the comments!  Don’t forget you can log in with you Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc etc, login and share your thoughts on this post with your friends on all your social networks.


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Earthquake?… Earthquake!

Ok, so I’ve been up for about an hour… keeping having this bad dream.

I’m blogging about that tranny video below this post and all of a sudden my entire building is shaking, my glasses are rattling, my fish tank is splashing and I’m like… WTF  It’s around 4:35-4:40am and things aren’t right.

I can hear the wood floors crackling and the ceiling was making these awful noises, like when something is stressed to a limit.  It reminded me of an old house next to a train track when a train passes by, only I live in a concrete/brick, four story apartment building.

The USGS shows the last earthquake to hit Missouri was five days ago and far off into the South East corner but also noted it takes about 10 minutes to update.  I reported it, who knows.

I’m going to guess it was probably some explosion somewhere.  I remember in Houston when we had a chemical plant explode and it shook the entire city!

Whatever happened just now, I know I’m not the only one who felt it.  I mean, even Ryan felt it and he was asleep in bed.  Anyone else feel it?  Around 4:40am.

Crazy.  As if the nightmares weren’t enough, a real event happens.

UPDATE 4:50 A.M.: You heard it first here my friends (haha).  There was indeed an earthquake, all the way in Olney, IL and we felt it all the way over here in Missouri.

More information is added every few minutes as more and more people report the ground shaking event (pun intended).  Turns out I was of the first to post!  Within the first ten minutes, which data is still being processed, no reported had been filed so mine went through along with the first batch, that’s kinda cool

Maybe this is why I couldn’t sleep, impending doom (of sorts) kept me up.  I’m just like Eli Stone in that one episode

For more information on the quake, click here.