First Flower of the Season


I took that today with my new Nikon 60mm f2.8D AF lens and my new Nikon MD-D80. It was the first flower picture I have taken since the frost ended.  I think it came out quite nicely.  I shot it in Raw on my D80 and processed the NEf file in Aperture 2.

Here’s another.  I was hoping to get a lot of beautiful tulip pictures but the City of Columbia cleared town of all the tulips today.  I can’t imagine why, they sure seemed beautiful just the other day.  Campus has a few, but due to the really strong winds and setting sun, I was pretty limited to what I could capture.


This last one I used a remote flash, Nikon SB-600 set as a slave to my camera’s built in flash.  The flash sat behind my louvered door, bounced the flash off of the adjacent wall, through the louvres and onto the keyhole.  I had a much better framed version of this shot but something happened and it disappeared from my flash drive during the import into Aperture.


Reminds me of something a little magical.

So, tell me, what do you think?  It’s been a long time since I’ve done any photography, especially anything worth posting.  With my left wrist out of the cast and working to getting movement back into it… I plan to be doing this much more often.

I’d love to read you thoughts.  If you would like to download a full-size version of the the first picture, just click over here.

Not Lazy

I really don’t feel like I’m being lazy with my site right now. I have updated the look of the site, fixed some security holes, added some widgets and worked to make a better flow.

However, when I don’t make an actual post, my site traffic drops to a near crawl. I will try to be better at keeping the blog more up to date. I actually have posts in my head, I just seem to have trouble getting out of my head and onto the screen.

I am going to work on writing up a post tonight after hanging out with Chadd and possibly Michael and maybe going to Lance’s 22nd birthday party. I’m acutally at Chadd’s right now typing this on my iPhone. He’s running a bit being schedule due to work being so busy.

Speaking of being so busy, even without a job or classes, I’ve managed to keep myself quite busy and weekends are no exception! Ryan and I have made some serious headway on our patio garden. Today I planted a ln assortment of five different florals totalling around 100 different plants. Just getting the seeds started so that we can plant them into pots later.

I’m gonna end this post, not sure how much more the iPhone can handle!

The Pinnacles Revisited


Today, Kevin and I headed up to the great wide north of… Boone County and to The Pinnacles.

Yesterday, Wednesday, I went to The Pinnacles with Ryan. He brought me there for the first time and just opened my eyes to a beautiful part of this region which I had never even heard of.

Kevin and I had a really great time. He just knows so much about nature, especially in Missouri. It was fun climbing the rocks and enjoying the landscape and views… He also kind of saved my life today! There was this large, and beautiful, copperhead snake! He caught it just before I got to it, lucky me!

Check it out later on.


That picture is my favorite from the trip, pretty much. You all know I love flowers, this one just takes the cake.


Speaking of beautiful landscapes, check this out. The sky was just gorgeous today and the foliage this beautiful emerald green. It was just such a beautiful day.



Here’s that copperhead snake I wrote about up there. Just look at him, he looks perfect. Kevin saw a copperhead just like one we saw today, in the same place a few years ago. Craziness!



I’m not so sure about this butterfly picture. It was hard to fit his wings in total focus because he kept flapping the damned things! Quite pretty, even with all of the flapping.


While, perhaps, nothing too special, the coloring in this shot, I just adore.