An Eventful Weekend

So the weekend started off with me going to class… Only I didn’t have class. Lame.  So turned out I had the weekend off so I wandered around town before deciding to head to the Mizzou Football Tailgate.

As with any home game, downtown Columbia was buzzing with out of towners.  Who knew all of those Nebraska fans would help cause the upset?  You’d think that with all the extra people would come more conscious parking jobs.  Nope.  As per usual, people park wherever they want, like total asses.  This would never fly back in San Francisco, you’d get towed if you parked like this.


This guy ended up blocking two parking spots.  Argh, I can’t stand these people. And as someone who lives downtown, I think I have every right to bitch and moan haha.  I guess he was trying to park his car align with the bike that was already there.

I had and still have never tailgated, I was mearly an observer.


It really wasn’t for me.  Maybe I just needed a few beers.  Yeah, I bet a little booze would fix all that.  There is nothing stopping the crazy Republicans and “patriotic” types though…

The flags were pretty though!


Then there was…  Well I don’t really remember.  Weird.  Oh yeah.  Went to Karen‘s to watch the game, fun time!  Great food and people, plus Micheal joined me and helped me polish off a fabulous bottle of Francis Coppola Diamond Claret 2005.  Ahhhhmazing.



So let’s skip to Sunday. Started out with brunch with the Finer Things Club and ended with a trip to Cooper’s Landing where we enjoyed live music, interesting people and surprisingly good thai food.



(looney tunes?  really?)


Loved the no dogs signs all over the place.  Interestingly enough, we saw at least three or four dogs running around the place.


Ryan and I went home… actually were sitting down for the night at around 7:00… that’s insanity!  We made a chocolate peanut better pie (really small but very rich), watched some TV and then headed to bed.  Wow, how old are we?!

Awesome weekend, thanks greatly in part to Karen!  Way to go girl.

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Beer Pong with Scouts

Wow, it’s been a week now, I’ve gotten to be very bad about blogging.  Here is what happened LAST Saturday.

Chase called me to invite me to hang with him and Scouts members at Cory’s apartment to watch the game, drink and have a fun time.

Here are some pics to elaborate on the evening since… well after a few games of Beer Pong, my own BOTTLE of Cosmopolitan and a week, much of it has been forgotten.

Corey’s team kick our ass… Damnit! We sucked hardcore haha

Our failure to win didn’t quelch Chase’s enthusiasm.

And one last shot from that portion of the night, Lisa models for Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat.  After all that fun, she still looks beautiful.

That was my night out with Scouts and Co. drinking, playing and having a really great time.  Always awesome to make new friends and to make old friendships even more awesome.

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