Free Lunch Rocks

Free lunch is the best lunch.

I went to Shakespeare’s Pizza today after they Twittered (@shakespizza) lunch slices at $1.50. I didn’t really want pizza but found it hard to pass up. Shakespeare’s Pizza is a local, famous (?) pizza joint here in Columbia Missouri, best pizza in the city IMHO.

It was delicious! I got a slice of the vegetarian and an iced tea. Being the celebrity that I am (cough cough, friend working the register) I got my slice gratis!


As you can see… I ate it all.

If you ever visit Columbia, you’ve gotta visit Shakespeare’s Pizza for lunch or dinner. I recommend the Darwin and the Vegetarian on the wheat crust. Yum!

Quickie Update

Just a little update, more later.

  • Political Research paper proposal got highest possible grade
  • Photography critique went really well
  • Photography professor wants me to teach a 20-40 minute session on how I do my style of photography!
  • Moved the aquarium so that it does not sit directly over about $4000 in Nikon camera bodies/lenses good idea right?
  • Re-arranging things in the apartment, OCD is making me crazy!
  • Continuing to workout, no weight loss but can tell I’m building muscle
  • I have lots of class this weekend, 12.5 hours of it!
  • Got a free Chipotle burrito the other day with Micheal, then felt sick all day haha.  Oh well, tasty enough that it was worth it.
  • Geoffrey is coming into town, Hurray!  Can’t wait to see him.  He’ll be staying at my apartment and I’ll be retreating to the condo.
  • Carrie is coming into town!  I hope we can get some time to play with cameras 🙂
  • Still waiting to get that new Epson Printer… Waiting to see if they replace the Epson Stylus Pro 3800 for a 3880 or a 3900 (I want vivid magenta and roll paper!!!)

So that’s a quick blast update, kinda like Blogography’s Bullet Sunday 🙂

Nimbus Cloud Computer

Ohhhh, I want this.  But, I’m not really sure why I want it.  Basically its a workstation that you either pay $19.99/month to use, or it’s a workstation you pay nothing for in exchange of ads.

Nimbus Cloud Computer

You cannot load music onto it from CD’s, well you can load anything from CD’s since it doesn’t have a CD drive, just five USB drives.  It latches onto your high speed internet connection, connects to a mainframe computer and allows you to do most of what people do online without the hassles or expense of a full sized computer.  You just provide the monitor, USB keyboard and mouse, plug it in and apparently, you are good to go.

You can do almost anything on it that doesn’t require loading too much software, or hard drive space, or specialized hardware, or…  Well, I can’t really name all the limitations until they send me test system, hint hint.  They don’t really state the limitations, which isn’t really that unexpected.

You can get around the 2gb of hard drive space with an external drive and they infer that your printer should have no trouble with this unit.  Linux has never been more approachable for a n00b.

I say this is perfect for parents who want their kids to have a computer that

  1. Is cheap
  2. Is safe
  3. Won’t get them in trouble with the evil RIAA
Let’s hope that you don’t HAVE to use ScreenPC servers for the computer to operate, just in case the fold.