A Cake, a Movie, a Melon Baller

I’ve made some wonderful friends through Twitter and just a few weekends ago, I got to share one of these friendships with many of my old friends.

Ryan and Ben, (@rzhale and @joubiku, respectively on Twitter) came into town for a weekend away from the bustling city life that is Kansas City, ahem.  The weekend had been heavily anticipated for all involved for a few weeks and as the days closed in the anticipation grew to astronomical proportions.
I welcomed them to their new home for the weekend, my apartment and shortly after their arrival we headed down to Shakespeare’s Pizza (@ShakesPizza) for some dinner, drinks and a fun environment.

After pizza we stopped by Top Ten Wines for a few minutes before ultimately heading back to my apartment for wine, cookies and hours of hilarious YouTube videos. I don’t’ think Phoebe (@fotofobe), Josh (@brooding_soul), Ryan, Ben or I had ever laughed as hard in our lives. One of the most entertaining evenings in I’ve ever had.

Phoebe and I decided we should share our new addiction to Cafe Berlin (@CafeBerlin) to Josh, Ryan and Ben. Amazing breakfast, delicious food, fun, waitstaff and a comically difficult cream dispenser.

That evening was Cake and a Movie Night (#CaaM).  I made a Chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting and a bittersweet chocolate-peanut butter ganache.

Before Cake and a Movie, we headed out for wine drinking at Top Ten Wines downtown (@TopTenWines), my absolute favorite wine bar, where Chase (@clettenberg) performing.  Yet again, Chase put on a great show and as per usual, Lauren (@laurenkilberg) proved to be a fantastic wine maiden.

Cake and a Movie had a great turn out, some regulars and some new attendees.

My Ryan (@kaleb1983) finally got to join us for the weekend festivities.  We watched Toy Story, the Pixar film that put them on the map.  Wow, who would have known how funny that movie would be, over ten years later.  I sure wasn’t expecting all the laughs.

The next morning, Ryan, Ben, Ryan and I went to Bleu for a brunch before Ben and Ryan had to head out of town.

Halloween 2009

This Halloween, yeah I know I’m late, was celebrated at Corey (@coreyschmidt), Chase (@clettenberg) and Sam’s (@samuelaveryhunt) house here in Columbia.  Dance, beer pong, backyard fire pits and debauchery at full tilt.

Coincidentally it was also Corey’s girlfriend, and all around amazing person, Alexandra’s (@alexandrabrandt) birthday!  Songs were sung, dances were danced, drinks were poured and a fantastic time was had.

Halloween is Fun!

Oh and my costume was Chase.  I even drew his tattoo on myself! Everyone was pretty impressed with that, mostly me though.  I have like zero drawing skills.  Just went through the numerous photos I have of Chase from his Scouts days.  While several people thought it was a real tattoo, only one person accused me of tastelessly copying another person’s tattoo… Seriously? LoL

Chases tattoo as drawn by me on me :D

Chase's tattoo as drawn by me on me 😀

And while I have to admit, I was a pretty convincing Chase… I think Corey wins for best costume-with-attitude.  I present to you Dwight Schrute.

Corey as Dwight Schrute from The Office and Schrute Farms

For the rest of the photos I’ll just do a slide show.  Enjoy!

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My Blog Has Gaydar?

What you see in this picture is all that I’d written and inserted into a blog entry from last month.  A picture of Ryan, Corey, Chase and myself and the statement that when the four of us get together, Ryan gets drunk.

I have a plugin in my blog that takes the words I type and finds relevant blog posts, new stories, images and tags; makes things much easier for me.

This time though, something weird happened.

Click to Enlarge

If you’ve clicked the image, you’ve seen the tags and the suggested articles, the suggested photos didn’t fit in the screenshot but were mostly pride flags and the like.

What interested me the most was the reference to an article stating, “Newspaper Discovers Gay + Straight Men Can be Friends.”  This is of course, a picture of straight and gay, guy friends hanging out.

I’m not sure if I’m weirded out by the accuracy of Zemanta or what.  It struck me as interesting, nonetheless.  What do you think?  Does my blog have gaydar or was it just an incredibly lucky guess?

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The Story of How It Went Down

So glad @coreyschmidt and @clettenberg moved back to Columbia.  Though, it seems that whenever the four of us get together, Ryan gets tipsy 😛

Me and My Guys!


They say a picture is worth one thousand words, so instead of using my memory, which is probably a little flakey after the night, to recall the evening, I’ll just post the pictures with captions.  These pictures were taken totally out of context.  It’s kinda hilarious, to me, how they worked out, considering they were totally random, slightly, drunken photos.

Corey is Swept Off His Feet

Corey is Swept Off His Feet

And Then it Got Interesting...

Then it Got Interesting...

And Then it Got Interesting...

And Then it Got Out of Focus

And Corey Got Pissed!

Ryan wanted to Join in On the Fun but Corey Wouldn't Have It!

So Corey Decided to Mark His Territory, Chase.

So Corey Decided to Mark His Territory. Chase Attempts to Block Corey's Advances, unsuccessfully I Might Add.

Then, Corey Has an Epiphany!

And then Corey Had an Epiphany!

Then Ryan Tried to Join In

Maybe They Really Can All Be "Friends!"

And So It Was, Two Became Three!

And So It Was, Two Became Three, and They Drank, Happily, Ever, After.

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Twitter Shirts

twitter-shirtSo I’m going to print off some Twitter shirts for those local tweeps that want one.  Cost should be around $25 from Acme, on those really nice American Apparel t-shirts.

Each has a unique name on the front (your twitter name) and your tweetcloud on the back.

The idea came from some that @ok2baprincess and @bigred77 made for our weekly Twitter Brunch Bunch, but these will be more personal.  Can’t wait to figure out the Princess’s tweetcloud LoL!

Here’s what mine looks like, shirt color is just a guess, not sure what color I want to do, thoughts?

Click the shirt to enlarge

This is the first shirt I’ve ever designed, it was a lot of fun, more than it probably should have been…  I guess I’m officially a Twitter addict, or in some other way disabled by my love for the service. 🙂

You can download my templates to make your own by clicking the link below.



Who knew I’d have so much fun in Philadelphia, much less miss it or the new people I met there as much as I am right now.  Tonight I am just aching to create pictures, go out with my camera and capture the world and process it into something beautiful.

I just love this picture I took while in Philadelphia, and to think I almost forgot about the entire panorama of pictures I took.

This trip Ryan and I took through the northeast was so much fun.  In fact, it was the most fun I’ve had in ages, and perhaps the most fun I’ve ever had on a vacation.  I’m a very lucky person to have Ryan in my life.  He planned out 90% of this trip and managed to keep me sane with all the travel arrangements that would normally have made me completely batty.

Here’s a map of our travels!

It looks like our next major trip will be this summer, back to San Francisco for pride. Can’t wait!  Traveling with Ryan is just about the most fun you can have.  Plus I’ll get to take pictures… though I am really aching to travel to Europe… I’ve never taken pictures there. Visited? Yes.

Anyways, time to get off the computer for a bit. Keep up to date with me on twitter, http://twitter.com/justex07

Catch you later friends!

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Niagara Sunrise

I’m posting the best of our Spring Break pictures to the photoblog, http://justinmoorescott.com.  Check it out for more updates.  Meanwhile, here are two I have uploaded so far.  Ryan and I went to Niagara Falls early this morning to watch the sunrise, it was beautiful.

Niagara Falls at Sunrise

Niagara Falls at Sunrise

We are having a great time! Just got back to Niagara, on the Megabus heading to Toronto. We should be there in about 1.5 hours. We’re planning on meeting up with some other twitter tweeps later this weekend or early into the week. If you want to meet up, send me a tweet @justex07!

Catch you later friends.

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