The Evolution of a Photographer in 15 Steps

It always interests me how an individual’s photographic style changes as they get more familiar with their tools and study the work of others. Photography is something that requires a real dedication of time, money and heart. If you really want to shine and standout, there isn’t a whole lot you can do besides shoot more, read and experiment.

Evolution of Photography
A brief showcase of my evolution in photography

The evolution of a photographer can be reduced to around fifteen steps. From the initial purchase to the clichés to the stunning work that can become their art. What follows is a loose order of how things typically go stylistically for someone who dedicates their time, money and heart to their photography.

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Ruby Tuesday Explodes

Now this is how you do viral marketing.

Ruby Tuesday announced a while ago that they were going to blow up one of their restaurants to show how they are committed to change, to becoming different from the rest of the American Family Dining restaurants on the landscape.

So, live cameras, live crowds, live explosions at a local Ruby Tuesday restaurant.

[flv:Ruby_Tuesday.flv 500 412]

5, 4, 3, 2, 1


Only Ruby Tuesday still stands, the restaurant to the left, explodes.  It was put on YouTube and other video sharing sites as Ruby Tuesday’s demolition crew making a huge mistake.  Supposedly, they mistook the other restaurant as a Ruby Tuesdays because, well they all had turned into looking and feeling the same.  It fooled a ton of people, and still is.  In fact, Ruby Tuesday even put out a press release apologizing for blowing up the other restaurant!

This video has the internet a flood with excitement, while many people think Ruby Tuesday’s demolition crew was a bunch of idiots, they are at least thinking about Ruby Tuesdays and it appears to be working.  That’s what viral marketing is all about, getting people to talk about your product even if you have to trick them into doing so.

No one from Ruby Tuesday has admitted that it was a viral advertising campaign but, it is and I bet their marketing guy just got one heck of a fat raise.

Axe Body did a similar video viral campaign.  FAIL.  Sucked ass.  Oh well.  Can’t win them all.

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UPS Recycles

Being green is a good thing, except when what you are recycling are tracking numbers.

I ordered Weeds Season 3 on Bluray from for Micheal using my Amazon Prime shipping.  I guess I did it too late in the afternoon on Friday so the package didn’t get shipped out until today, I got an email confirming it this morning.

I went online to check the status of the order and saw this.

You can click the picture to blow it up a bit.  Bottom line, it shipped out today at 6:10:01PM (a few hours after the email I received from Amazon) and was actually delivered already.  In fact, the package went back in time nearly two years!

Thinking this was just an Amazon glitch, I went to UPS and attempted to track the package.

So even UPS states the going back in time business.  Amazing.  Space Time Continuum, that easy.

I called Amazon and they apologized for the confusion, they explained that sometimes UPS recycles their tracking numbers.  I’m not exactly sure why they do this.  There are over 1.775176e+18 combinations of UPS tracking numbers.  That is… more than… 1,775,176,000,000,000,000 possible packages.

Of course, that’s using the simple calculation and shortening it cause I’m lazy, and disregarding the fact that some of the letters and numbers are source/destination designators, not randomly generated.

Even still, this is a little annoying, and a bit funny.

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Excuse My Beauty

I’m not sure if this is a tranny train wreck or just one FEIRCE latino/a… Either way, hella funny.  Reminds me of a few people I bumped into when I lived in San Francisco.  I was once kicked off a corner, from where I was waiting for Seth to walk me to a party, by a tranny prostitute who thought I was trying to steal her business.  Yikes.  Compliment or pwnd?

[flv:Excuse_My_Beauty.flv 425 355]