My Humble Abode

Tonight didn’t end as I had planned.  Actually it went completely wrong and I’m still a bit upset which makes me crave change.  So, wanna help me re-arrange my furniture?

Need some suggestions regarding the furniture layout.  Plus this gives a chance for @oseary to see what he can get in Columbia’s District. (Click pic to enlarge)

UPDATE: As requested, here’s a view from the opposite side of the room which includes the bay windows and my computer setup.

So what do you think?  Also, let’s try and figure out where in the hell I’m going to put the Epson Stylus Pro 3800 or whatever replaces it (if that happens at Photokina).  It can be connected through an ethernet cable so I guess I could put it as far away as the where the lamp is to the left of the TV.  I’m at a loss!

UPDATE 2: so, @oseary wants to see the kitchen so why not?

And the bedroom 🙂 Sorry the color is off, just being lazy I guess haha.

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New Furniture Day

Today was incredibly busy.

We got my new couch and two new chairs, my dresser, my new mattress set, and my new vintage rug, my new…  It was quite the busy day.

Not only did we have to get all of this, we had to load it, unload it, carry it up three flights of stairs and set it up.  Tomorrow we will be hanging artwork and figuring out how I will setup my photography showcase wall.  Plus we will move out some old furniture and maybe even paint my foyer.

How exciting?!  This is just one of the many reasons I love having family in town haha.

After all of that work we watched, The Other Boleyn Girl which was a fantastic, if not a somewhat upsetting movie.

The British of that time were all sorts of messed up.  I suppose though, we were all kind of crazy back then.  We had to be, why else would we fuck our family?

Natalie Portman is such an incredible actress, I just love her.

Plus, tomorrow is my birthday.  So, do what you must 😉

Night friends, enjoying my first night on the new bed, if only Ryan were here to join me… 🙁

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