Not Lazy

I really don’t feel like I’m being lazy with my site right now. I have updated the look of the site, fixed some security holes, added some widgets and worked to make a better flow.

However, when I don’t make an actual post, my site traffic drops to a near crawl. I will try to be better at keeping the blog more up to date. I actually have posts in my head, I just seem to have trouble getting out of my head and onto the screen.

I am going to work on writing up a post tonight after hanging out with Chadd and possibly Michael and maybe going to Lance’s 22nd birthday party. I’m acutally at Chadd’s right now typing this on my iPhone. He’s running a bit being schedule due to work being so busy.

Speaking of being so busy, even without a job or classes, I’ve managed to keep myself quite busy and weekends are no exception! Ryan and I have made some serious headway on our patio garden. Today I planted a ln assortment of five different florals totalling around 100 different plants. Just getting the seeds started so that we can plant them into pots later.

I’m gonna end this post, not sure how much more the iPhone can handle!

New Family Members

So Ryan hasn’t met our new fellas but we now have two more fishees.  We are still working on the names, going for late 80’s-90’s sitcom character names.  Right now we have Mr. Belvedere;


The two new guys…



We also started a flower and vegetable garden.  We have so many beautiful flowers blooming and vegetables sprouting… oh how much fun.  Right now they are living in our living room but once we get some more reliably good weather, they’ll live on our giant balcony.  Hip hip hooray.

Don’t Think I Told Ya

So I haven’t been very good at updating, but this time around I have a really good excuse.

A little over a week ago, I had surgery on my left wrist to repair some damage from an old Starbucks accident.

It was supposed to be a really simple, 45 minutes, twilight anesthesia…  Then it got bad.  Turns out they had to cut a ligament or two, shave some bone and then put it all back together.  So right now I’ve got just one wrist that actually works.  Typing is a bitch and photography is nearly impossible.

So right now I’m a total gimp, and my medical fun doesn’t stop there!  So far this week I have had four medical tests/exams and two more coming up.  Yuck.

Right now I feel pretty darn fine, besides the pain in my left wrist.  The vicodin helps but knocks me out and make me quite the entertainer as I attempt to walk around my apartment.  Hilarious!

Ryan and I have an adorable garden… in our living room.  It’s a little too cold to set the plants free but, soon enough.

Ok, sleepy time.  Sorry I am so random, it’s late, yeah.