Evil Giraffe, Death of a Giraffe

Carrie and I went out today to do some photography stuffs, just random and fun.  She totally didn’t believe that there were exotic animals at this one house in Columbia.  I swore they had a giraffe but apparently I was wrong.  However, she was too cause she did read that blog post hehe.

So first, a video of Eddie Izzard as an evil giraffe.  He is one of my favorite, if not my favorite stand-up comedian.

[flv:Evil_Giraffe.flv 477 360]

Now a video Ryan sent me about the stages of death of a giraffe by Robot Chicken.  Equally as funny, well maybe.

[flv:Giraffe_Death.flv 477 360]

Pictures from today will follow later tonight or maybe tomorrow.  Went to a few places today, the weather was so nice, we just had to do it!