WordPress Twenty Twelve Comment Threading Issue

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I’m not sure if this is because I’m using Livefyre to manage my comments or maybe it’s a fault of WordPress’s Twenty Twelve theme but ever since I moved from Twenty Eleven, my comment threads have added space between comments and again in between each thread. This doubles the length of my comments on the blog and makes for messy comment reading experience.

You can see an example of this with the image on the left. The areas in purple are the wasted space. It wastes so much space that I had to shrink the image down so you could get an idea of how much space it is wasting.

I have threading turned off in my WordPress settings.

I’m no CSS expert, this is no secret. I can get a theme and hack it together into something I like but normally with the help of qualified friends like David. I’ve asked on Twitter a few times but no one has responded with a suggested solution. The image to the left is a screenshot of the post for my Nutella Ice Cream Recipe, if you want to see the problem for yourself.

Maybe you guys can help in the comments, on my comments. How meta is that?

Not Getting Paid Enough

The work I do I really enjoy.  I have such a great gig.  I get to work wherever there is an internet connection and a power outlet that only has to be within four hours of my seat.  I get to travel and eat out at fancy restaurants when on those trips.  There are even times that I get to stretch my creative legs and do some pretty new things in advertising.

I guess, really the only problem is that I don’t get paid enough for the work that I do.  It is 3:45am on Tuesday morning and I am up because I haven’t gone to sleep yet.  I’ve been working on a presentation that as of this evening became due this morning before the work day begins on the east coast.

So yeah, it’s been a long night and technically it should be about three to five hours longer but I’m going to probably call it in.  I need to be making nearly an infinite amount more than I am right now, at least that’s what I think.  I just don’t know how to ask for the money.

How do you ask your employer for a raise.  From working on spec to working hourly or salary.  My employer always loves my work, but if they don’t get the contract for their clients, I don’t get paid.  It would make sense if I wrote the advertising plan but that isn’t always the case.  In this latest situation all I did was create the presentation materials from the Keynote to the design of the proposal and hand outs.

Typically anything outside of those are outsourced to a fantastic graphic designer, but for presentation’s sake and since we were on such a deadline, I did the design of all the extra materials.  Think posters, brochures, etc.

I’m doing the work of at least two people and up to the work of five.  Oh my, how do I fix this situation?  I can’t keep working on spec!  I haven’t finished my degree at Mizzou so I also can’t go to another agency, though I wouldn’t anyway.  My loyalty is with the one I work for now and it is very likely that I could take over the company within five to ten years.  So yeah, don’t wanna jump the horse.

Thoughts?  Suggestions?

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Porn Stars and House Parties


The night began and ended at the same place.  Nick Starr called us up and told us to meet him in the Castro at a particular address.  Knowing the area a bit, I realized quite quickly that we weren’t going to a club, no businesses exist past 600 Castro…

Ryan and I make it down Castro and are searching for the address Nick txt’d me when someone calls from a window inviting us into the house.

It turns out it is the very house where we are supposed to be meeting Nick.  We glide up the stairs and into the house meeting some wonderfully friendly and fabulous people.  Of the first we met was Skye, pictured to the left.  Skye (with an E) work for Southwest Airlines and lives in San Francisco.  He was a whole lot of fun.

Ryan and I helped ourselves to the free booze in the kitchen keeping them strong and keeping them coming!

The person who welcomed us into his home was Adam.  He is pictured below sitting with Brent Corrigan (aka Sean Paul Lockhart), who is my favorite porn star…  Seriously, he is beautiful.  Also, a wonderfully fun and friendly person.  We talked about his new, legitimate, movie and other random things.  He’s smart, capabile, funny and adorable (read, hot).


Sean Paul Lockhart or Brent Corrigan ( brought in a few of his porn star friends, which are always welcomed, but really didn’t help the party… Let me explain.  Everyone there was pretty darn hot, some of them were sinfully so.  It was enough to make you insta-anorexic-workout-addict.  Damn girl.

Speaking of porn stars, these two guys certainly have a future in the business, if only they weren’t so camera shy, or rather, so damn bitchy.  Cool it boys, and why don’t you get a room?  I swear the couch had a wet spot once they finally peeled themselves off.  Cute/hot but the attitude has got to go.


So we hung out, drank, chatted, had a fabulous time.  I didn’t take many pictures though, felt kinda weird doing it in someone else’s home and with all the porn actors, it felt like maybe I was taking pictures of them and not of the fun times?  Hmm, not sure.  Adam took a ton of pictures, wish I had his memory card haha.


The highlight of the evening had to be meeting these two guys.  Tyler and Sean.  Tyler is a graphic designer and Sean is a graphical user interface creater… GUI-C.  They have been together for three years through the whole long distance thing and now live in San Francisco together.

Basically they are just awesome guys and when/if Ryan and I move here, we will have to hang out with these two guys.  After about an hour of talking with each other, we were fast friends.  I’m pretty sure living in San Francisco and having friends like these two… we’d be living life famously.


After a while we decided it was time for the obligatory Myspace photo.


The party ended at 2:30 and Ryan and I found ourselves walking home around 3:00 until I caught us a cab for the rest of the cold, long walk home.

I hate that I didn’t take more pictures.  All the people there were so nice and fun, we had Marc (with a C) and his friend, and another Sean and a Mark and three Johns (Jons?) and… the list goes on.  It sure was a fun fun night.

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