The State of Television

We have all at one point been obsessed with a reality show, whether it was Real World (back when it was awesome), Survivor or Who Wants to Marry a  Millionaire.

Back in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s I really loved watching MTV for two reasons.  First, Undressed which pretty much was my first porn though officially it was a…

sexy, late night soap opera Undressed, which gave viewers a peek behind closed doors at the intricacies of modern relationships. Each episode featured three different fictional stories and followed various characters to see what happened during their most intimate moments. No subject was too taboo.

No kidding.  They did everything and back then that was a big deal.  They took mixed race relationships, gay, lesbian, step siblings… in school, in the dorms, in the bedroom, in the car… they had sex everywhere and it was HOT.  I really can’t beleive it was on basic cable.  But boy howdy did I love it.

Now we have Gossip Girl, the new MTV Undressed but this time with lots of high style and much better dialog (well, it’s all relative).  While Undressed was made to appear like a reality show/soap opera, Gossip Girl is clearly a drama, but it’s got all the sex.

In fact, they are sexing themselves up, actually advertising the fact that many family groups are greatly opposed to their show.

I have to admit, I’m a huge fan of Gossip Girl, it’s so scandalous and sexy, how could you possibly say no?

The other night I was hanging with Ryan at his base watching television and eating some dinner I made for him at home.  We turned on the television to see what was on.

Disturbing things were seen.  First up, and most disturbing, The Baby Borrowers.

Yes… a show where people borrow other people’s babies and kids.  It is called a social experiment.  So was Dr. Philip Zimbardo‘s Stanford Prison Experiment and I’m sure we all know how that ended…  What the hell is wrong with us?  Borrowing babies?  I mean, come one, this isn’t an opium den in China!  Not yet at least.

Even more disturbing, on at the same time on another network, Super Nanny.  On this episode, there was a family of five; the oldest daughter was a goth punk girl who swore and screamed evil at her father, the middle child was wheelchair bound and greatly ignored by her father and the youngest was one hell of a bratty little bitch girl who beat the shit out the mom both physically and emotionally.  It was one hot mess and of course, put on television for all to see.

Why do people do that kind of shit?  Show off how they have been terrible parents, the most important job a parent can have.  That’s like having a show called, “Watch Me Suck at Everything I Do”… oh wait, that’ why we have VH1’s Celebreality.

We still have Jerry Springer too.  Last night I hung out with Jeremy, we watched Resident Evil (which I give a C-) followed by whatever was on TV at 1:00am.  Hillybilly fighting was on…  Well at least you can say he’s consistent.  WTF is wrong with these people?

And while I might be confused, upset, disturbed or down right pissed off at the quality of television these days, there are a few gems.  Damages is incredible, Saving Grace is rich with raw sex and emotion, Mad Men is terribly entertaining and shows like Burn Notice and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia make the summer television season quite bearable.

Oh yeah, and then we have the hilarity that is true reality television.  It is hard to find these diamonds in the rough where someone isn’t putting on an act, when they really are who you see on the screen.  Here’s a great example.  Don’t worry, it’s ok to laugh, she signed some sort of “I’m a fucking weirdo, jackass, dumbshit or otherwise” agreement.

[flv:Big_Brother.flv 500 281]

Ahhhh, crazy Asian girls and their love for COOOOOOKIEEEEEEESSSS!

This post dedicated to my good friend, Jonathan.  One of the best guides to today’s entertainment.

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UPS Recycles

Being green is a good thing, except when what you are recycling are tracking numbers.

I ordered Weeds Season 3 on Bluray from for Micheal using my Amazon Prime shipping.  I guess I did it too late in the afternoon on Friday so the package didn’t get shipped out until today, I got an email confirming it this morning.

I went online to check the status of the order and saw this.

You can click the picture to blow it up a bit.  Bottom line, it shipped out today at 6:10:01PM (a few hours after the email I received from Amazon) and was actually delivered already.  In fact, the package went back in time nearly two years!

Thinking this was just an Amazon glitch, I went to UPS and attempted to track the package.

So even UPS states the going back in time business.  Amazing.  Space Time Continuum, that easy.

I called Amazon and they apologized for the confusion, they explained that sometimes UPS recycles their tracking numbers.  I’m not exactly sure why they do this.  There are over 1.775176e+18 combinations of UPS tracking numbers.  That is… more than… 1,775,176,000,000,000,000 possible packages.

Of course, that’s using the simple calculation and shortening it cause I’m lazy, and disregarding the fact that some of the letters and numbers are source/destination designators, not randomly generated.

Even still, this is a little annoying, and a bit funny.

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