It’s Me, a Self Portrait

You don’t see too much of me on this blog. Lots of other people. I just don’t like pictures of myself, somewhat a trend with photographers haha.

But @xisak07 wanted me to post a picture of my new haircut, c/o @bigred77 so here goes.

So there you go. Taken with my new Nikon D700 (which I’m still paying off so buy a print please!) and the new Nikon 24mm f2.8 lens.

I sure do love that I can take a picture at ISO 800 with ZERO noise. Seriously, this is an ISO 800 picture, check the EXIF, and there is zero zip zilch noise.  To those non-photography nerds, I’m sorry, but I just can’t get over the quality of this camera.

And there you go. New camera, new haircut and remarkably clean apartment.  I love my apartment… What a weird mood I’m in.  Guess that means it’s time for bed!

I find myself staying up every night to 12am for one reason only.  To see the latest Woot! special.  Even though I don’t have any money to buy anything… darn.  Though I would love to get another Roomba!

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