Packing My Bags, I’m Ready to Go!

In just an hour and thirty minutes the bus will pick me up to bring me to the airport in St Louis.  From there I’ll fly to Washington DC, then to Paris France!  I’ll meet up with the family in Paris for Christmas, travel around the country to various friends’ for celebration, fun and catching up.   Then I’ll be off to Bahrain for New Years!  Really excited about that.  After Bahrain I’ll be jetting off to Saudi Arabia, exploring around the country, making photos, having an awesome time.

I am all sorts of excited about the trip and hope to keep you all informed of my adventures here and on my Twitter. Wanna help?  Leave me some suggested sites to visit in the comments!

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Kaldi’s Iced Coffee is Yum

I’ve wanted to record my daily iced coffee creation for a while now.

I have a few of these every morning, probably too many really!  I typically used Kaldi’s coffee brewed and then chilled overnight.  Just a little ice, some fat-free creamer and I’m ready to go.  I used to never put creamer in my coffee, wonder why I do that now…  Never-the-less, I’ve settled on this recipe and it has never failed.  Oh but what a difference quality coffee, water purity, grinding and proportion matter.

I grind my coffee just seconds before I brew.  I use only fresh beans and as I said earlier, I prefer Kaldi’s coffee though I’ve recently heard good things about Dunn Brother’s Coffee (c/o @samuelaveryhunt).  I use filtered water, once through a triple-stage Pür filter followed by a two-stage Pür filter. We have really metal-rich water in downtown Columbia so this is a necessary step to take all the copper etc out.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll do a few more, trying out different angles and lighting techniques.  The video today was really just a test or proof-of-concept. I think this angle might be fun…

Though the real fun will come once I modify my Kodak Zi8 with different lenses.  Maybe someday I’ll own a proper HD video camera.  @ZackLuye‘s Canon 7D is such a sexy piece of equipment.  Too bad I’m a Nikon guy.  Next time Zack and I shoot an AdagioTeaV together, we’ll have to do some experimentation with his camera.

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Shooting AdagioTeaV with the Canon 7D

Last night @ZackLuye and I shot the latest episode of AdagioTeaV at my apartment and with Zack’s new Canon 7D.  I blogged about this camera earlier in the week, boasting about it’s beautiful video and whining about not having an HD feature in my Nikon D700.

We setup up the Canon 7D with a 50mm f1.8 prime lens, a couple of my Arri lights and my Kodak Zi8 (just for fun).  The result was some beautiful video, and hilarious outtakes.

Adagio TeaV: Episode 42 (canon7d) from Zack Luye on Vimeo.

This is by far the best AdagioTeaV has ever looked.  It’s been shot with a massively expensive Panasonic HD cam, a Canon 5D Mark II, a Canon XL2 and other pro-level cams and this $1,700 D-SRL did it the best.  That’s pretty telling about the state of digital videography.

The whole experience went pretty smoothly.  FinalCut Pro installed, despite stalling out in the middle of the install, and we got to editing the video.  That of course really equated to me watching in awe as Zack took to FinalCut Pro like a ninja.  The only real hiccup came with the memory card Zack purchased by recommendation from Columbia Photo.


See, the ProMaster compact flash card turned out to be horrendous.  Despite advertising better than 300x write speeds and boasting UDMA technology, the card simply could not keep up with the Canon 7D.  In fact, it could only record 2:46 mins of video in a single session!  That’s pretty awful, especially if you’re shooting with a single camera, without a standalone audio recorder and, well if you want to record more than three minutes of action.

When we put in my Lexar 300x UDMA cards, which I love and adore along with my Nikon D700, these time limitations disappeared.  Apparently not all UDMA compact flash cards are created equal.  Moral of the story? Stick with the big guys, SanDisk and Lexar.

It was fun watching and learning from Zack using FinalCut Pro.  Sounds like we’re going to exchange our unique bits of knowledge.  Together, we’re unstoppable! 😛

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